Components: technology development of the new generation of molded case circuit breaker

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In the low-voltage transmission and distribution network, Molded Case Circuit Breaker is one of the important basic components, for those who often occur electricity equipment overload, short circuit of the occasion, can safely and reliably cut off the fault current, to prevent the accident to endanger the entire loss Distribution System. Foreign ABB, Siemens, Schneider and other companies have launched a new generation of products, domestic Chint, Delixi, Gabriel Electric and other enterprises in the field of low-voltage electrical appliances to form the fourth generation of Molded Case Circuit Breaker, a new generation of electrical main technical characteristics For: high-performance contact with the arc system, the use of modular structure, electronic release, superior performance, simple and diverse installation, and field bus communication.
High performance contact arc extinguishing system
Europe and the United States most of the company's new generation of products using double breakpoint rotary contact system to strengthen the short arc near cathode effect, with a high arc voltage to improve the breaking capacity, and eliminating the need for soft connections. The products represented by the Japan Division still use a single-point contact system. Some domestic enterprises have applied the patent for the relevant double breakpoint rotary contact, which uses a relatively simple structure to achieve reliable mechanical connection and transmission between the monopole units. At the same time, the installation is more flexible and convenient. Simplify the assembly process, reduce manufacturing costs.
The use of electronic release
Electronic release is a combination of microelectronics, computer and communication technology, with the traditional thermal magnetic release unparalleled advantages. Such as: tripping characteristics stable, free from ambient temperature and climate; tripping current and time accuracy is high; adjustable current adjustable, and can set different characteristic curve to meet the requirements of various load protection; Device can be derived communication function, to achieve network control, but also derived regional interlock, power monitoring and power analysis and other auxiliary functions. The company's new generation of cm1 100 mccb can be installed electronic release, and gradually to 160A and below the small capacity rated current shell development.
High performance: breaking capacity of 50KA ~ 100KA
At present, a new generation of cm1 100 mccb products at home and abroad comprehensive technical and performance indicators have been greatly improved to meet the requirements of the entire distribution system, but also taking into account the system security, reliability and economy.
All parts of the product and the main accessories should be modular structure
The new generation of cm1 100 mccb structure is generally modular design, in addition to the above-mentioned closed contact system, the over-current release is also commonly used modular design. Thermo-magnetic release or electronic release are designed to replace the release module, do not open the lid can easily replace the release to meet the needs of various users, reduce manufacturing costs.
Fieldbus communication function
The use of electronic release of a new generation of Molded Case Circuit Breaker can be derived from the communication function, to achieve network control. The communication is generally connected to the communication system using a separate communication adapter.