Common Faults and Treatment of residual current circuit breakers

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Common Faults and Treatment of rcbo circuit breaker
1. The trip when just put into operation
1) Three-phase power lines, including the zero line is not in the same direction through the zero sequence current transformer, correct wiring can be.
2) Install the rcbo circuit breaker and the circuit without the installation of leakage circuit breaker in electrical connection, the two circuits can be separated.
3) There is a fire load in the line, to eliminate such a load can be.
4) Through the zero sequence current transformer working zero line has repeated ground phenomenon, should eliminate the repeated grounding.
5) rcbo circuit breaker itself is faulty, should be replaced.
2. Malfunctioning
1) Caused by overvoltage. Such as when the line in the operation of the overvoltage can make the circuit breaker action, then you can use the delay or impulse voltage does not operate leakage circuit breaker, can also be installed between the contact resistance absorption circuit to suppress over-voltage, but also in the Line in the input over-voltage absorption device.
2) Electromagnetic interference. Such as near the magnetic equipment or high-power electrical equipment to stop, should be adjusted leakage circuit breaker installation location, away from such electrical components.
3) Circulation effects. If the two transformers in parallel operation, have their own ground, because the impedance of the two transformers can not be completely equal, this will produce a loop in the ground, causing the circuit breaker action, remove a ground wire can be. In addition, the same transformer through two parallel circuits on the same load power supply, the two circuits in the current can not be exactly the same, there may be circulation, so the two circuits should be run separately.
4) The insulation resistance of the working zero line is reduced. When the work of the zero line insulation resistance is reduced, if the three-phase load is not balanced, in the zero line will appear relatively large operating current, and by people to other branches of the road, so in each leakage circuit breaker can appear leakage current , So that the circuit breaker malfunction.
5) Improper grounding. Such as zero line repeated grounding, will cause leakage circuit breaker malfunction.