Large role of miniature circuit breaker in fire prevention

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Everyone knows that fire prevention is inevitable. At ordinary times, wherever we go, we see the most fire advertisements, and there are some knowledge theories about fire prevention everywhere. The dz47 mcb are the most important electrical component to avoid fire. So, what's the function of the mini circuit breaker in the fire prevention process?

The fire in the advertisement fire knowledge which is on the one hand, and the other hand is in the source circuit system on our fire prevention work, to prevent the fire, in the industrial field, due to failure of electrical devices fire everywhere, and people illegal electricity fires also very much. If we can set up in accordance with the relevant specifications of the electrical system, we will find that the fire is not so easy to happen, of course, this is the need for orderly management. In general, miniature circuit breakers are also called an air switch, because miniature circuit breakers itself has overload, short circuit and undervoltage protection functions, and has the ability to protect wiring and power supply. So, in the case of electrical short circuit, small circuit breaker can do the first time work. The whole circuit is automatically disconnected so as to avoid fire problems.

If in a flash circuit of dz47 mcb after the fire, we can put out the fire out, because at that time the fire does not belong to the electric fire, in this case we can use the fire extinguisher and water to the fire, there won't be any problem. And if the electricity is still alive, using water to put out the fire will only make the fire worse. And if we use the switch, we should also pay attention to the problem of good fuse, after all, fuse can play the role of insurance circuit, short-circuit can also fuse for the first time.

And if we want to really fire prevention, dz47 mcb is a very important link. Moreover, after switching off the fault current, there is no need to replace the parts. In industrial areas, miniature circuit breakers have been widely used.