Design requirements for Voltage Protector

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Voltage Protector (overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices) can protect circuit and electricity load effectively, reliably and safely, completely inseparable from the self-complex over-voltage protection of a reasonable, reliable and scientific design methods. If you want to achieve effective, reliable and safe protection, can not do without the following design requirements.
1. When the line voltage or under voltage, the automatic cut off the electricity lines, which is the most basic function of the protector.
2. When the line voltage returns to normal, automatically turn on the line, which is known as the self-resetting over-voltage protection device reasons.
3. In order to ensure that the circuit really under voltage or voltage returned to normal, and directly cut off or connected to the circuit, bringing unnecessary trouble. When cutting and turning on the line, it has an inverse time requirement and a delay function when starting or resuming.
4. In order to achieve the reliability of the overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices, the line rated voltage of 20% to 200% range, the protector can work properly.
5. Its own rated power consumption is less than 1W, the rated control current is greater than 40A.
6. In order to improve the adaptability of the overvoltage and undervoltage protection devices and service life, the control contacts can withstand a variety of overload current and short circuit current capacity.
7. Can withstand a certain lightning or induced discharge shock transient over-voltage.
8. In order to reduce the arcing generated by the protector, the reliability of the protector is affected. The contact has a low arcing function near the zero crossing of the AC current.
9. In order to achieve maintenance-free, the circuit and the program should include the relay coil fault and contact status detection.
To achieve self-reset over-voltage protection of the reliability, effectiveness and security, while the need for effective combination of hardware and software.