Detailed introduction of AC contactor

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AC contactor (cj19 magnetic contactor) is used to control the circuit, mainly to break the circuit and realize the remote control circuit. AC magnetic contactor mainly uses auxiliary contacts to realize control instructions, so as to achieve the purpose of remote control circuit. The main contact is normally open contacts, the main function is to disconnect the circuit, the main material is brass or copper, silver is silver cadmium alloy, the main contact of the quality or the breaking ability directly with his main material and silver grade is directly related to a is also an important indicator to distinguish the quality of AC magnetic contactor.

The auxiliary contact of AC contactor are generally with normally open normally closed contact, the contact number can be selected according to a normally open a normally closed, normally open two or two normally closed, to choose a professional manufacturer or well-known brand products assisted selection, so quality is guaranteed. The power of AC contactor comes from electromagnetic system. It consists of coil and iron core. The material and the number of turns of the coil directly affect the power of the iron core. The quality of the iron core directly affects the operation of the AC contactor.