Installation method of domestic power distribution box

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Installation method of domestic power distribution box

1. The surface installation distribution box, which is mounted on the wall, the foot bolt (tube expansion bolts) fixed, bolt length is generally buried depth (75 ~ 150mm), box bottom plate thickness, the thickness of the nut and washer, plus about 5mm "s allowance". The distribution box is small, can also be installed in the pre buried block (according to the position of embedded distribution cabinets or four corners of the board mounting hole), and then use wood screws fixed distribution cabinets or the wooden board.

2. The concealed installation distribution box, distribution box is installed into a wall, in the wall when the reserved holes should be better than the distribution box length and width of the 20mm, reserved depth distribution box thickness with the thickness of the hole wall plastering. In the Wu buried distribution box, between the box body and the wall filled with concrete to fix the box

3. The mcb distribution box should be installed firmly, vertical and horizontal, vertical deviation should be less than 3mm; dark outfit, distribution box around without gap, the panel around the edge of the box and should be close to the walls, buildings and structures of the contact parts should be coated with anticorrosive paint.

4. Distribution box set screw type fuse, the power line should be connected to terminal intermediate contact on the load line should be connected to the terminals of the thread. In this way, the core can not be electrocuted when loading and unloading the molten core. Porcelain plug-in fuses shall be installed vertically.

5. The mcb distribution box of AC, DC or different voltage levels of power supply, should have obvious signs. Lighting distribution box, should be set respectively zero line (N line) and protect the zero line (PE line) bus, zero line and protection zero line should be connected in the bus line, shall not be tied, should be numbered.

6, when the wire lead out panel, the panel line hole should be smooth and burr free, and the metal panel should be equipped with insulating protective cover. The housing of the metal shell mcb distribution box must be reliably grounded (zero).