The using requirements of residual current protection device

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The rcbo circuit breaker, generally referred to as a protector, is widely used and popularized in rural areas as an effective measure to prevent people from electrocution and casualty accidents. It is very important to understand the function of the rcbo circuit breaker in the distribution system, to strengthen the management of the low voltage power grid and to improve the reliability and safety of the power supply.

The using requirements of residual current protection device:

The low voltage power grid equipped with the rcbo circuit breaker must be the neutral grounding system of the power supply. The rural low-voltage power network basically is used in TT system, namely the distribution transformer low voltage side of the neutral point grounding network, all electrical equipment exposed conductive parts with protection grounding line (PE line) connected to the grounding grounding electric power system and has no direct relation.

Should pay attention to in the practical work:

(1) the N line in the power network shall not be subject to repeated earthing and shall maintain the same good insulation as the phase line.

(2) lighting and other single-phase load should be evenly distributed to three-phase, and can be adjusted as soon as the load changes. When the low-voltage line is buried in the ground, the three-phase length should be as close as possible.

(3) the overhead line, should do regular trees wrecker.

(4) rural living lighting indoor wiring condition is poor, belongs to the rural power grid self improvement category, should actively take measures to reduce line leakage.