How to deal with residual current circuit breakers?

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In the use of residual current circuit breakers, sometimes encountered leakage protector tripping phenomenon. What should happen if there is such a situation? What is the cause of the tripping of the residual current circuit breaker and what should be done? This article will answer you one by one.

Cause analysis of tripping of leakage protector

1. Residual current circuit breaker itself fault

Some residual current circuit breakers may be fake and shoddy products. The residual current protector has poor protection function, technical performance and durability, so it is prone to malfunction.

2. The residual current circuit breaker is not installed and operated as required

In some cases, RCCB is tripped because it is not installed according to the requirements, and some of them are removed and stopped running after the installation and they feel troublesome.

3. The residual current circuit breaker is not regularly maintained

Leakage protector is not installed on the completion of the OK, and some RCCB will be installed along with the environment and the passage of time damage, so regular maintenance.

4. The residual current circuit breaker has poor harmonic resistance

Some RCCB has poor harmonic resistance, and misoperation causes tripping. In general, the grid harmonics caused by factors including device load side converter, with magnetic saturation characteristic and nonlinear unbalanced circuit, the power supply side of generator line groove clearance harmonic, transmission line corona discharge system, asymmetric operation or asymmetrical fault etc..

Analysis of the cause of residual current circuit breaker tripping, can be an antidote against the disease, choose the regular manufacturers, and safety certification of products, in accordance with the installation requirements of proper installation and regular maintenance, reduce the occurrence of residual current circuit breaker tripping phenomenon can be effectively.