How to deal with the fault of RCCB

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Short circuit, leakage and other common faults often occurs in the use of electrical equipment, the fault will usually cause devastating damage to electrical equipment, so we have to use the installation of a circuit breaker electrical equipment, when the leakage occurs, circuit fault circuit breaker for electric equipment with safety protection.

1. The DZ47LE-63 ELCB CIRCUIT BREAKERS has just been put into operation and tripped

1) The three-phase power line includes zero lines, and does not pass through the zero sequence current transformer in the same direction, so that the wiring can be corrected.

2) The installation of the circuit breaker is connected with the circuit without the circuit breaker, and can be separated from the two circuits.

3) There is a fire and a load on the line, so that the load can be eliminated.

4) The zero line of the zero sequence current transformer has the phenomenon of repeated earthing, so the repeated earthing should be eliminated.

5) Earth leakage circuit breaker (dz47le 63 elcb breaker) itself is faulty, should be replaced.

2. Misoperation occurred in equipment operation

1) Overvoltage causes. Such as when the line in operation over voltage can make the circuit breaker action, then you can choose delay or not action type impulse voltage leakage circuit breaker, can also be installed in the contact resistance between snubber circuits Over-voltage Suppression Device on the line, but also can absorb people CIC overvoltage.

2) Electromagnetic interference. If there is a magnetic device or a high power electrical equipment nearby, the installation position of the leakage circuit breaker shall be adjusted so as to keep away from such electrical components.

3) Circulation effects. If the two parallel transformer operation, are grounded respectively, because the impedance of the two transformers can not be completely equal, resulting in circulation in the ground, caused by the circuit breaker, a grounding wire can be removed. In addition, the same transformer supplies power to the same load through two parallel circuits, and the currents in the two circuits can not be exactly the same, and there may be a circulation, so the two circuits should be operated separately.

4) The insulation resistance of working zero line is reduced. When the zero line insulation resistance is reduced, if the three-phase unbalanced load, the zero line will work relatively large current, and by the people to the other branch, can appear the leakage current in each circuit breaker and the breaker malfunction.

5) Improper grounding. If the zero line repeatedly grounding, will cause leakage circuit breaker misoperation.

6) Overload or short-circuit effects. If the leakage circuit breaker also has short-circuit protection, over-current protection, when the over-current protection release of the current adjustment is not appropriate, the wrong action will occur, then adjust the current value can be adjusted.