The difference between molded case circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker

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Molded case circuit breaker (MCCB) is mainly used to protect the low voltage distribution system and motor protection circuit from overload and short circuit. Because of its reliability and stability, it has become a widely used product in industry. MCCB also has a wide range of use and large quantity, the main function is to provide protection for building electrical terminals, distribution devices. Since both of them belong to circuit breakers, so it is very realistic and important to understand the difference between them and choose the right products. Here's a simple explanation.

First of all, the basic similarities, because both belong to the circuit breaker, are required to comply with some basic product standards, have the same work principle. Then, the difference between the two, in general, has the following points:

1. Different electrical parameters

2. Mechanical parameters are different

3. Different using and working environment