AC contactor has good electrical conductivity and high temperature ablation

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AC contactors (cj19 magnetic contactor) are widely used in power on-off and controlling circuits. It uses the main contact to open and close the circuit, uses auxiliary contacts to execute control instructions. The main contact is generally only normally open contacts, and auxiliary contacts often have two pairs of normally open and normally closed contact, small contactor is often used as an intermediate relay with the main circuit. AC contactor contacts, made of silver tungsten alloy, with good conductivity and high temperature ablation.
AC contactors are mainly composed of four parts:
(1) Electromagnetic system, including the attracting coil, moving core and static core;
(2) Contact system, including three main contacts and one to two groups of normally open, normally closed auxiliary contact, it is moving together with the core is linked to each other;
(3) Arc extinguishing device, the general capacity of the larger AC contactor are equipped with arc extinguishing device, in order to quickly cut off the arc, from burning the main contact;
(4) Insulation shell and accessories, all kinds of springs, transmission, short circuit, terminal and so on.