Installation specification for PZ30 plastic electrical distribution box

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PZ30 plastic electrical distribution box as a common household distribution box, I believe many friends have heard of this product, and the characteristics and advantages of pz30 distribution box and some friends have a considerable degree of understanding, for her common sense in the tens of millions of small series have been introduced, will not repeat here introduced. In this paper, Xiao Bian will introduce the pz30 distribution box installation planning, hoping to bring some help to friends.

PZ30 distribution box is ordinary lighting distribution box, generally use the concealed, the installation specification see GB50303-2002 "building electrical engineering construction quality acceptance", lighting distribution box (board) installation shall comply with the following provisions.

Lighting distribution box (tray) installation should meet the following requirements:

1. The location is correct, the components are complete, the box opening and the pipe diameter fit, dark box, distribution box cover close to the wall, box (tray) coating complete;

2. Wiring in the box is neat, the circuit number is complete, the correct identification;

3. The box is not made of combustible materials;

4. The box installation is firm, the verticality allow deviation is 1.5; the bottom edge is apart from the ground is 1.5m, the lighting distribution board bottom margin ground is not less than 1.8m.