Considerations for overhaul and maintenance of double power supply

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One. Double power supply in the maintenance of the existing problems

1. Double power automatic switch (200 amp automatic transfer switch), maintenance and repair, the circuit is not complete power, resulting in some mechanical or electrical equipment live.

2. The power supply system both ends of the closed lock problems, resulting in unexpected different switching.

3. When the power supply is checked, maintained or repaired, another power supply is connected to the power supply, resulting in an electric conduction accident.

4. the current on the load side of the power switch leads to the error electrification interval


Two. Standardize operation and solution

1. In the maintenance and maintenance of double power supply, the front of the switch can not be switched on (electrical circuit breakers, isolation switches, etc.).

2. Any of the two way power supply front-end switch device switch on, the other way power supply shall not be placed in the work power supply.

3. With the knife switch cabinet, must check any road work in the power supply work on a.

4. Double power supply body or controller has hand / automatic operation button, and should be put into manual operation during maintenance.


Three. The correct debugging method of double power automatic change-over switch

First of all, cut off the double power supply, two-way power supply circuit front-end switch electrical appliances, ensure that all the power supply circuit breaker port in the cut box is in a state of disconnection. The standby power distribution box side switch electrical switching is put into use, and then start the standby power, dual power test normal engine starting port, after the normal operation of the engine, in order to turn off the engine air circuit breaker switch and the internal power supply control cabinet.

In the process of starting up the standby power supply, it is necessary to monitor the engine side in real time, adjust the current and voltage according to the change of the load in time, and deal with the problem in time when the abnormality is found.

The power to restore normal power supply after (here is the treatment of the power recovery routine used after the power failure, the preview), the first time to switch back to normal power preparatory work to switch the circuit by timely.

Under abnormal conditions, the scene of professional and technical personnel to carry out switching operation, switch switch when the switch is not too hard or too fast after the operation, double power supply debugging end, first confirm the two off power supply, after the confirmation were disconnected and standby power connecting line on both sides.