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Product Overview

QZB-J Three/3 Phase Isolation Transformer for AC 50Hz~60Hz, rated voltage 380V, (660V or 220V products can be custom), rated power output of 500 kW and below the three-phase squirrel cage induction motor, not frequently operating conditions reduced voltage starting, using a step-down 3 Phase Isolation Transformer, reduce the motor starting current, to improve the motor starting time to the transmission network effects.
QZB-J 3 Phase Isolation Transformer is the improvement of QZB products, compared with QZB 3 phase isolation transformer, there are the following characteristics:
1. Inside the coil has increased the import of temperature protection switch (thermal switch). When in use, the thermal sensitive dynamic break normally closed contact should be in series into the motor two control circuit, can play a protective role. When the motor starting time exceeds the 3 Phase Isolation Transformer of the allowable value or motor starting relatively too frequently, resulting in overheat three Phase Isolation Transformer, temperature protection switch will be action, disconnect the control loop, the motor stops working. At this time, can't again to start the motor. When the temperature of the three Phase Isolation Transformer coil falls to a certain value, the temperature protection switch is automatically reset, then the motor can be restarted.
2. QZB-J-14 75 3 phase isolation transformer specifications from the previous double-sided wiring to one side of the wiring board wiring, wiring more convenient and strong.
3. Other properties and methods of use are the same as QZB.
Three phase isolation transformer meet the standards: GBA14048.4, JB/T8752, Q/ZT121.

Model and Meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

Ambient temperature: -5°C~+40°C, the average temperature does not exceed +35°C in 24h.
Altitude: <2000m
The relative humidity at the installation site does not exceed +50% at max. temperature of +40°C. Higher relative humidity may be allowed at lower temperature. If the temperature changes, condensation on the product must be removed.
The inclination of the mounting surface and the horizontal plane does not exceed 5°, and there is no significant shaking and shock vibration in the installation environment.
No explosive medium, and there is no enough gas and conductive dust in the medium to corrode metal and destroy insulation.
There are places that are protected from rain and snow and are not full of water vapor.
Note: If any special working conditions that are not in line with the above conditions, user shall negotiate with us.

Main parameters and technical performance

Parameters when the rated operating voltage is 220V

Model Control motor power (kW) Rated operating current (A) Max. starting time (s)
QZB-J-14 14 28 40
QZB-J-20 20 38
QZB-J-22 22 42
QZB-J-28 28 56
QZB-J-30 30 57
QZB-J-40 40 80 60
QZB-J-45 45 84
QZB-J-55 55 103
QZB-J-75 75 140
QZB-J-100 100 200 80
QZB-J-115 115 230
QZB-J-135 135 270 100
QZB-J-155 155 294
QZB-J-160 160 300
QZB-J-190 190 370
QZB-J-225 225 410
QZB-J-260 260 475
QZB-J-300 300 535
QZB-J-320 320 588
QZB-J-350 350 643
QZB-J-400 400 735
QZB-J-450 450 826
QZB-J-550 550 918

Parameters when the rated operating voltage is 380V

Model Control motor power (kW) Rated operating current (A) Max. starting time (s)
QZB-J-14 14 16 40
QZB-J-22 22 24
QZB-J-30 30 33
QZB-J-40 40 46 60
QZB-J-45 45 48
QZB-J-55 55 59
QZB-J-75 75 81
QZB-J-100 100 115 80
QZB-J-115 115 133
QZB-J-135 135 156 100
QZB-J-155 155 170
QZB-J-160 160 173
QZB-J-190 190 213
QZB-J-225 225 237
QZB-J-260 260 274
QZB-J-300 300 309
This three Phase Isolation Transformer has 65%(60%), 80% of two groups of starting voltage taps, if the need for starting torque smaller when the optional 65%(60%) taps, large torque can choose 80% tap. The 3 phase isolation transformer can be equipped with XJZ1, JJ1 series auto 3 phase isolation transformer starter box(cabinet) as the main accessories.
TAIXI Electric is a professional manufacturer of 3 phase isolation transformer.

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