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Training talents

The source of the core competitiveness of enterprises in the enterprise core talent and staff skills. Talent flow frequently will greatly affect the operation and development of enterprises, especially some key positions of the brain drain, will bring about immeasurable losses. So for the development of sustained and stable electrical human resources already West in an extremely important position. On this cultural industry electrical Stacy, the loss of talent will mean the loss of core competitiveness. So pay more attention to the talents, talents, training talents has become a priority among priorities. Electrical work.

Talent discovery

We have been looking for people who can contribute to the company, to create a new situation. They have different cultural backgrounds, education experience, but they should have some in common.
Sense of responsibility + enterprising spirit - to overcome the difficulties faced by the efforts to complete the work, with a strong subjective initiative, independent completion of the task.

Expression + communication skills - in the face of business has its own unique insights, accurate expression of their views to make people understand. With the lowest communication costs, the completion of the most effective communication.

Discover and create ability - constantly discover new thinking, working methods, facing the traditional problems can have the original innovative ability, with the best way to solve the problem.

We are talking about the spirit of unity and cooperation, it is necessary to study the wolf hunting success. The wolf is a moving target group, established, pack an attack. The wolf pack orders before their own will, play their respective roles, and the ups and downs of the howling sound echoed each other, with the tacit understanding, in order of them. Head of a call, the main person who Bishijiuxu feint forward, and then move, backup and to strengthen its power at howl. Lone wolf is not strong, but when the wolf as a collective force appear in the target before, but a powerful attack force. The wolf hunting success in many factors in the process of strict and orderly collective organization and efficient team collaboration is one of the most obvious and the most important factor. The wolf "the spirit of unity and cooperation" can be applied to our work, please discuss! I think we work in the same unit, each person's work, have relative independence, All with the global association, if a person is selfish, regardless of others, not willing to work with others, is bound to affect the combat effectiveness of the team and the overall image. People often say: Based on the bank as playing chess, winning on each piece, "one careless loser, if the game is lost, and power the piece also does not have what use.


An ant to move, move to lift,
Two ants to move meters, the body sway and sway,
Three ants come to move the rice, gently carried into the hole.
Unity is the foundation of all success, only rely on the individual and collective solidarity, to the personal desire and the goal of the team together, beyond the individual limitations, play the role of collective cooperation, produce the effect of 1+1>2.

Talent recruitment

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