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Scope of Application

DZ47LED-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker (Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker), is miniature leakage circuit breaker with lightning protection device. It is suitable for distribution network with AC 380V and below and frequency of 50Hz. For lightning protection, anti-surge, protection of leakage, short circuit, overload. And can be used for infrequent transition of the line under normal circumstances.
DZ47LED-63 Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker performance standards: GB16917.1 "Residual current operated circuit-breakers with integral overcurrent protection for household and similar uses (RCBOs)-Part 1: General rules", GB 18802.2, IEC61643-1 and GB 500057 "Design code for protection of structures against lightning".

Models and Specifications

Structural features

Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker is made of the basis of miniature leakage circuit breaker and the surge protection module (SPD), the SPD has protection modes of phase-to-ground and neutral-to-ground. Particularly suitable for the occasions which need to provide a variety of protection. The lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker is composed of 3 SPD and a gas discharge tube BL to form the main discharge circuit. Three SPDs are respectively connected to the L1, L2, L3 poles (live wire) and the N-pole (neutral) and the gas discharge tube in series, access to the earth (PE), the lightning through the earth (PE) discharge, to protect the load-side of switch from lightning damage. Normal work, the green light, fault problems, red light.

Product Features

1. With protection functions of lightning, leakage, overload and short circuit.
2. With function of lightning protection grounding.
3. With full-mode protection of phase-to-zero, phase-to-ground and zero-to-ground.
4. With function of lightning protection fault indication.
5. Max lightning current capacity up to 20KA.
6. The inside is equipped with overheat protection device.
7. Two-level lightning protection is in the switch.
8. Alarm signal can be equipped outside.

The main technical parameters

■ Rated current: 6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63 A
■ Rated working voltage: 230 / 400V AC
■ Rated insulation voltage: 500V
■ Rated residual operating current: 30,50,75,100,300 mA
■ Trip indicator: DZ47LE with residual current operation trip instructions, the reset button up for the leakage trip
■ Manual control: The handle allows two reset modes
  □ Over-current fault: The circuit breaker and the residual current operating device reset at the same time
  □ Leakage fault: the residual current action device reset firstly, then the circuit breaker reset
  □ Lightning failure: Lightning protection device reset firstly, then the circuit breaker reset
■ Mechanical life: 10,000 times
■ Electrical life: 2000 times
■ Meet the standard: IEC61009-1 / GB16917.1
■ Compliance with certification: CCC certification
■ Tripping characteristics
  □ C-type tripping characteristics: curve protection of conventional load and distribution cables, instantaneous trip range (5~10)In
  □ D-type tripping characteristics: protection of the impact load with the large starting current (such as transformers, etc.), instantaneous trip range (10~14)In

Model DZ47LED-63
Pole 1P+N 3P+N
Rated rated current lnm(A) 63
Neutral pole N
Rated current ln(A) 6,10,16,20,25,32,40,50,63
Rated operating voltage(V) 380(400)
Rated short - circuit breaking capacity 4500A
Rated leakage current l△n(mA) 50
Rated leakage non-operating current l△no(mA) 25

Note: * D-type and l △ n = 50mA for the conventional supplier of products, not the case. C and other leakage action current please contact us.

Lightning protection parameters

Model specifications DZ47LED-63
Operating VoltageUn(V) 380
The maximum flow Imax(kA) 15
Nominal fluxIn(kA) 10
Response time t(ns) <25
The ground terminal links the stranded copper conductors 6mm²

Note: ① lightning protection switch for lightning design; ② lightning protection switch in the indoor use; ③ grounding resistance of ground as much as possible to less than 10Ω.

Overcurrent trip characteristic

No. Rated current In(A) Trip type Initial state Test current Set timet Expected outcome Remarks
a 6~63 C、D Cold 1.13In t≤1h None triping
b 6~63 C、D Immediately following the test 1.45In t<1h Triping The current in 5s and stability to rise to the specified value
c 6~63 C、D Cold 2.55In 1s <60s(in≤32a)<><60s(in≤32a)<> Triping
d 6~63 C Cold 5In t≥0.1s None triping The auxiliary switch is closed
D 10In
C 10In t<0.1s Triping
D 50In

Use and maintenance

1, the miniature circuit breaker lightning overload characteristics of overload short-circuit by the manufacturer tuning, in the course of not allowed to adjust.
2, Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breakerr, in the new installation and power failure before the trial must be pressed before the button to ensure the normal trip to put into use, in normal use, must try to jump once a week.
3, Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker in the scope of protection, the use of power tools and equipment, you must try to press the button to ensure the normal trip before they can be put into use.
4, in the wet weather or thunderstorms, before each use must press the test button to ensure the normal trip to put into use.
5, the mine lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker failure or press the experimental button can not trip when the user immediately stop using, as soon as possible to return to the factory repair.
6, anti-lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker by the failure of the electrical system and sub-gate after the need to identify the reasons for troubleshooting before closing.
7, Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker to touch the same time by the protection circuit caused by the risk of electric shock, can not be protected.
8, according to national standards "leakage protection function is to provide indirect contact protection." "In the event of other protective measures failure ... can not be the only direct contact protection."

Outline and installation dimensions

Product Size A B C D 1P+N 3P+N
DZ47LED-63 39 30 21 6 18+27 54+45

Keywords: Lightning Residual Current Circuit Breaker

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