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Product overview

TXNLS Leakage Protection Socket, also known as 86-type leakage protection socket. It is the one of the patented products researched and developed independently by our company using international advanced design and advanced manufacturing technology. Use mechanical structure, clever product structure, user-friendly design, small size, beautiful appearance, safe and reliable, high sensitivity, long life, easy to install. This product is suitable for circuits of AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage of 230V, rated current of 40A and below, to protect the personal and electrical equipment from electric shock, leakage, surge, also used as two or three plug socket , meanwhile to prevent electrical fire hazard caused by ground fault current from the circuits of insulation aging or damage.
TXNLS Leakage Protection Socket meets GB28527 standard, no overload and short circuit protection. It is installed in the 86-type concealed box which on the wall indoors, suitable for air conditioners, electric water heaters, vending machines, drinking fountains, refrigerators, washing machines and other electrical equipment with the power within 2500W (10A) or 3500W (16A).
TXNLS Leakage Protection Socket is the best choice for security guarantee in the home, hotels, swimming pools, factories, schools, hospitals and other places.

Model and meaning

Main technical parameters

Rated operating voltage Un 230V~
Rated current In 10A 16A 10A 10A
Conventional heating current Ith 15A 20A 15A 15A
Rated making-breaking capacity Im 500A
Rated limit short circuit capability Inc 1500A
Rated residual operation current I△n 10mA/30mA
Rated residual non-operation current I△no 5mA/30mA
Operation time ≤0.1s
Rated frequency Fn 50Hz/60Hz
Mechanical and Electrical Life 6000 times
Surge protection

Withstand surge impact of 6KV/3KV,

meet voltage/current surge

mode of 1.2/50μs,8/20μs.

Scope of Application

This leakage protection socket is mainly used in home, hotels, schools, factories, gas stations, laboratories and public places, provide minimize leakage protection for the terminal of electric branch, provide minimize leakage protection of one-on-one for personal and household appliances, such as: air conditioners, electric water heaters, refrigerators, washing machines, computers, electric kettles, microwave ovens, electric stove, TV, electric water pumps, hair dryers, electric irons, vacuum cleaners, electric lawn mowers, hand-held electric tools and toilets, kitchens and other wet electric field. When the leakage current is greater than 6mA / 10mA / 20mA / 30mA, the leakage protection socket can quickly and automatically cut off the power within 25ms, both to protect personal safety, and to protect electrical equipment from damage and the fire caused by this.

Normal working conditions:

◆ The ambient air temperature is -5℃~+40℃;
◆ Relative humidity in the ambient air temperature of +40 ℃ does not exceed 50%, the ambient air temperature ≤ 20 ℃, the humidity does not exceed 90%;
◆ Altitude of the installation site is not more than 2500 meters;
◆ Pollution level: Ⅱ
◆ The external magnetic field of installation site in any direction does not exceed 5 times the geomagnetic field;
◆ Suitable places should be rainproof, fireproof, anti-shock and anti-vibration.

Product Features:

● National standards, quality assurance: meet GB16916.1, GB16916.22, GB2099.1 standards.
● The new indicator design, create a precedent for the industry.
● Fast working type leakage protection, can cut off the power within 10 ms.
● Clever design, suitable for 86-type concealed installation.
● This leakage protection socket has leakage protection, cut off the power in time when personal electric shock.
● Solve the problems that high-power air-conditioning, instant water heaters and other electrical and power supply can not use plug and socket to connect.
● Use method of tightening terminal with screw to replace the traditional wiring mode, the power connection is secure and reliable.
● The leakage protection socket achieve min leakage protection of one-on-one for the personal and household appliances, very secure.
● Super surge protection, can prevent equipment damage caused by lightning and surge over-voltage, high current impact.
● The unique contact patented technology, cut off the zero line and live line at the same time, the use of electricity is more secure and reliable.
● Blue reset (closing), yellow test (opening)

Schematic diagram

Outline and mounting dimensions

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