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Scope of Application

TXXH Current Limiter,also known as current limiting device , current limiter circuit breaker, automatic current limit controller. Applicable to AC 50Hz, operating voltage 220V, current 0.5-20A, power 110W-4.4kW. The current limiting device can be used for hotels, student dormitories, factory dormitories and civil housing in construction site and the automatic control of electricity in the places with the provisions of power, (such as electric stove, heat fast), etc. The current limiting device have no effect on computers, electric fans, general equipment, television sets, incandescent lamps, electronic fluorescent lamps and other (total power not exceeding nominal power). The main purpose of current limiter circuit breaker is to limit waste of electricity, in particular, limit the line over-current heating caused by fire.

Model and specifications

Overload treatment methods and precautions

★ If the actual load current of current limiting device exceeds the rated current and the time in 10-50 seconds, the current limiting device automatically disconnect the load power, overload protection indicating red light light up automatically.
★ Handling of overload: First, deal with the overload of the load power (unplug the use of electrical appliances), when reach limit the rated current automatic controller, current limiting device will automatically detect the load power is lower than the nominal load power, in the 10-50 seconds, the green light automatically lights up, it can automatically restore the normal operation of power supply, or the controller automatically continuous tripping and can not be used normally.
★ Without short-circuit and leakage protection for the current limiter circuit breaker, the input must be connected with a short circuit and leakage protection products.
★ Because the controller has automatic recovery function, when the current limiter circuit breaker protect and operate , it should remove the load immediately (with electrical appliances) and check the circuit, otherwise the current limiter circuit breaker will automatically continuous trip, eventually it overload on and off frequently for a long time lead to burning the controller or electricity lines, thus it can not work normally.

Energy Saving and Security

◆ Energy Saving: For example, a day of illegal use of 2-3 hours of 700-1000W electric equipment of a hostel, to 0.5 yuan / kWh, we can save 500 yuan in electricity for a year.
◆ Security: To avoid the fire caused by over-current heating by using high-power illegal electric appliances , to eliminate safe hidden danger.

Main technical parameters

Operating VoltageAC 220V
Protection of operating current0.5A、1A、2A、3A、5A、6A、10A、15A、20A((Can be customized according to customers)
working frequency50Hz
Rated current / power0.5A/110W、1A/220W、2A/440W、3A/660W、5A/1100W
Automatic reset time30s±5s
Protection action current error±10%
Own power consumption≤1W
Electrical mechanical life≥100000
Electrical life≥100000
Dimensions (L × W × H)85.5×36×66mm
Installation35mm Rail installation
Wiring"N" is the zero line," L1" is the phase line, the load output: "N" is the zero line," L2" is the phase line.

Outline and installation dimensions

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