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CPS (Control Protective Switch)(CPS)) is a low-voltage electrical appliances in the new product, is the latest research and development in the 1990s to fill the gaps in the first generation of domestic products, its product category code-named "CPS", is the English "Control and Protective switching device", which conforms to IEC 60947-6-2 (1997)" Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear Part 6: Multifunctional electrical appliances Section 2: Control and protection switchgear "(August 1992 Version 1) and GB14048.9-1998 "Low-voltage switchgear and control multifunctional electrical appliances (equipment) Part 2: Control and protection switchgear (equipment)" (equivalent to IEC60947-6-2). IEC standards and national standards for the code and electrical code as shown.

TXCPS Control Protective Switch's main features is achieving control and protection function of integration and internal coordination in the product of single structure. It can replace the circuit breaker (fuse), contact overload (or over-current, open- ) protection relays, starter isolators, motor integrated protector and other traditional separation components. CPS can control the operate by both ways of remote automatic control and local manual control, with the time-current protection features of coordination and cooperation, with control and protection's continuous operation after the short circuit. It has the advantages of high breaking capacity, small arcing distance, long life, adjustable protection setting current, easy operation, complete supporting accessory module and so on. It can control and protect the motor load and distribution load.
TXCPS Control Protective Switch can basically solve various traditional problems that unreasonable coordination of the control and protection is caused by the unreasonable choice of discrete components (usually circuit breakers or fuses + contactors + overload relay).Especially to overcome the discordant coordination of protection characteristics and control characteristics due to using combination with different assessment standards of electrical products , greatly improves the operational reliability and continuous operation performance of the control and protection system.
TXCPS Control Protective Switches are based on the latest microelectronics technology, based on peer products, is KCPS series digital control and protective switching electrical products developed with the characteristics of the our company, to overcome the shortcomings of peer products, brings together the advantages of the low-voltage electrical components, complete function, reliable performance, provides basic components for the simplification and optimization of low-voltage distribution and control system.

Product model and its meaning

The main parameters

Two mounting dimensions: Type 125 (D-frame) and Type 45 (C-frame).
The number of poles of the main circuit is divided into three poles and four poles.
TXCPS control and protection of the basic configuration of switchgear: the main + intelligent controller + auxiliary contact group.
The main body of the main circuit by the basic module that is "contact system module, short-circuit release, electromagnetic system modules and operating system modules.
Short-circuit breaking capacity rating: Economy (C) 35kA, standard type (Ah) 50kA, high breaking type (H) 80kA.
It is expected that the breaking time under short circuit current is 2 ~ ms and the current limiting coefficient is 0.2 or less.
_Auxiliary contact group consists of short-circuit alarm contact, overload alarm contact and a group of 2 normally open 1 normally closed auxiliary contact composition, 02 is 2 normally open 1 normally closed +1 short circuit 1 overload, 06 is 3 normally open 3 often Close to 1 short circuit 1 overload.
Can be combined according to user requirements, but up to no more than 11 pairs of contacts.
Intelligent controller rated current le: 0.4 / 1 / 2.5 / 4 / 6.3 / 12/16/18/25/32/40/45/50/63/80/100 / 125A.
• Body rated current 丨 n: 12/16/18/32/45/63/100 / 125A.
Number of poles: two digits (the first digit indicates the number of poles and the last digit indicates the number of poles).
Very protective, 30 means 3-pole without protection.
• Control power supply voltage: M: AC220V, 〇: AC380V

Product form

Two mounting dimensions: Type 125 (D-frame) and Type 45 (C-frame).
Basic product TXCPS configuration: the main body, intelligent release, auxiliary contact group.
The electrical schematic of the basic product TXCPS is shown in the following basic electrical control chart. For more electrical schematics, see the separate wiring diagram of the company.
Reversible control and protection switchgear TXCPSN: TXCPS basic type as the main switch, and mechanical interlock and electrical interlock and other accessories, constitute a reversible control and protection switch appliances for motor reversible or two-way control and protection.
Double power supply automatic transfer switch electrical appliances TXCPSS: rated current 125A and the following products to TXCPS basic type as the main switch and mechanical interlock, electrical interlock and other accessories, constitute the CB or PC level dual power automatic switch switch ATSE; rated current 125A or more ATSE is PC grade.
TGCPS basic type as the main switch, with the appropriate contactor, time relay, mechanical interlock and electrical interlock constitute YA decompression starter TXCPSJ, automatic decompression starter TXCPSZ, TXCPSZ, TXCPSR; , Resistance decompression starter TXCPSR, to achieve the motor decompression start and a variety of protection.
Two-speed controller TXCPSD: TXCPS basic type as the main switch, with the appropriate contactor, electrical interlock and other accessories, constitute a two-speed controller for two-speed motor control and protection.
Three-speed controller TXCPSD3: TXCPS basic type as the main switch, with the appropriate contactor, electrical interlock and other accessories, constitute a three-speed controller for three-speed motor control and protection.
Protection control box FTXBK1: TXCPS as the main switch, installed in the standard protection box to form a power terminal box, suitable for outdoor and remote load control and protection.
(F type), isolated type (G type), leakage type (fun), communication type (T type), distribution box (P type).

Function and use

TXCPS Control Protective Switch uses a modular single product structure type, integrated traditional circuit breakers (fuses), contactors, overload (or overcurrent, phase failure) protection relays, starters, starters, isolators, motor integrated protector, etc. Low-voltage electrical products, the main function, with long-range automatic control and local direct human control function, with panel instructions and mechanical and electrical signal alarm function, with overvoltage undervoltage protection, with phase failure phase protection, Function, with the time to adjust the current - current protection characteristics (with overload inverse time, definite time, short circuit instantaneous, large short circuit instantaneous four protection characteristics). According to the need to match the functional modules or accessories, you can achieve all kinds of motor load, power distribution control and protection.
TXCPS Control Protective Switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage to 690V, the main rated current from 6.3 to 125A, intelligent controller adjustable operating current from 0.16A to 125A, control motor power from 0.05KW to 5 5KW power system To carry and break current under normal conditions (including specified overload conditions) and to be able to turn on, carry and break current under specified non-normal conditions (eg short circuit).

Applicable areas

TXCPS Control Protective Switch with integrated control and protection functions, modular structure, miniaturization, high degree of protection of environmental pollution, breaking short-circuit current capacity, short arc distance, long life, complete protection, continuous operation performance and reliability High installation and easy maintenance and a series of advantages, in industrial facilities, infrastructure, fire systems and commercial and civilian facilities are widely used;
Lu metallurgical, coal mine, steel, petrochemical, port, ship, railway and other areas of the distribution and motor protection and control system;
Motor control center (MMC) and distribution center;
Power station and substation;
Ports and rail systems (eg airports, railroad passenger terminals, etc.);
Highway lighting, ventilation system
Military station control system (such as border posts, radar stations, etc.);
Fire pumps, fans, etc. of various occasions;
Modern building lighting, power conversion, pumps, fans, air conditioning, fire, lighting, etc .;
Remote control lighting system;


According to the protection object is divided into: the motor protection, power distribution protection according to the operating frequency is divided into: frequent operation, not frequent operation by wiring is divided into: board, board, insert according to the working principle is divided into: digital tube controller, Type controller

Main feature

According to the protection object is divided into: the motor protection, power distribution protection according to the operating frequency is divided into: frequent operation, not frequent operation by wiring is divided into: board, board, insert according to the working principle is divided into: digital tube controller, Type controller

Separate electrical appliances compared to the system (see table below)

With the control and protection from the characteristics of self

TXCPS Control Protective Switch series control and protection switchgear set control and protection functions in one, the equivalent of circuit breaker (fuse) + contact + thermal relay + auxiliary electrical appliances. Which can solve the problem of the protection and control characteristic matching between the components which can not be or can be solved by the separation element, so that the protection and control characteristics can be better and reasonable (with inverse time, definite time and instantaneous three protection characteristics) Load power or current can choose a single product, instead of the previous, including from the power into the load to the end of a variety of electrical appliances, do not need to derail; greatly reduce the workload of the designer.

With unparalleled operational reliability and continuous operating performance of the system

TXCPS Control Protective Switch in the breaking short-circuit current without maintenance can be put into use, that is, with a short circuit after breaking the continuous operation performance: TXCPS after breaking short-circuit current test, still have more than 6000 times AC-44 electrical life, which is broken And other discrete devices constitute the system is difficult to achieve, TXCPS this feature greatly improves the system's remote reliability and continuous operation of the system performance, which run short-circuit breaking capacity Ics 80kA indicators are similar products of the international leader , The highest domestic indicators.

Saving energy

TXCPS Control Protective Switch has a small size, the installation area and the volume is small, no separation of component contacts, reduce the line heat, save energy, save materials and so on.

● Technical performance comparison table

No. Technical performance Separation of electrical components of the system Txkb0 switch electrical system
1 Breaking capacity 10~50KA 12~80KA
2 Mechanical life 500 to 10 million times 500 to 10 million times
3 Electrical life 10 to 15 million times 120 to 1.5 million times
4 Set current adjustment curve Straight line
5 Current limit matching Bad Good
6 Current limiting ability To the ground Height
7 Self - mating protection performance No With
8 Continuous operation characteristics No With

Compared with the molded case circuit breaker, it has the characteristics of high breaking capacity and small flying fox distance

TXCPS Control Protective Switch in the 380V rated running short-circuit breaking capacity Ics (o-co-co) to achieve a higher type of 80kA, standard 12kA, 12kA expected short-circuit current breaking time is only 2 ~ 3ms, current limiting coefficient of 0.2 or less, To reach the leading level of molded case circuit breakers, close to the current limit of the fuse, greatly limiting the short-circuit current on the system of dynamic and thermal shock, arcing distance of less than 30mm.

Compared with the protective system formed by the molded case circuit breaker, it has the characteristic that the protection setting current can be adjusted

The thermal trip (reverse time) current and magnetic trip (definite time) current of the TXCPS can be adjusted on the panel, ie, the overcurrent protection current can be set in addition to the conventional thermal overload protection current according to the load power Adjust on the panel. To overcome the short-circuit protection of molded case circuit breaker set the current factory can not adjust the shortcomings of the factory, making TXCPS products even if installed at the end of the line, short circuit current is small, the same has a good short circuit protection

Compared with the performance of the contactor has a long life, easy to operate characteristics

TXCPS Control Protective Switch mechanical life of 500 to 10 million times, the electrical life of AC3 for 120-150 million times, both on-site manual operation, but also long-distance automatic control function.


Other features

● Complete sets of accessories
Auxiliary contact and signal alarm contact, door or drawer panel operation mechanism, control circuit conversion module, in a single product can constitute a complete control and protection unit to achieve coordination with the control and protection functions.
● Installation angle is flexible
Horizontal installation, horizontal installation, horizontal installation does not affect the use of performance. Can be widely used in compact sets of equipment, including fixed or drawer-type MCC cabinet, with separate components of the superiority of unparalleled.
● safe and reliable, high degree of protection
Board, the board, the plug-in terminals are equipped with anti-touch function, can be equipped with protection level up to IP65 high degree of protection shell, especially for civil construction of wet places, basement, pump room, coal mine, port, ship, petrochemical And other areas, is to replace the current electromagnetic starter, protective and modular starter ideal product.
● Energy saving
Traditional products in the use of full-voltage full-current power supply in the electromagnetic coil, the power consumption is very large; and connected to maintain the electromagnetic coil are full voltage, the power consumption of not less than 22 watts. This product re-power after the start of the end, to switch to a small voltage to maintain the electromagnetic coil of the small current, the power consumption is not higher than 2 watts, energy saving to 90% or more.
● centralized control
Traditional products can only display and control one-on-one in the cabinet. This product can connect and control multiple products through the bus to the main console through software protocol and 485 communication interface. All parameters can be set through the total console, The total console can be connected through the agreement and the computer to achieve "four remote" function, especially for MMC motor control center.

Characteristic parameter

Main circuit parameters
The main circuit is mainly composed of the main body and intelligent release, these two parts constitute the application can be TXCPS Control Protective Switch product minimum configuration.
Main rated current In, rated heating current Ith, rated insulation voltage UI, rated frequency, rated operating voltage Ue and optional intelligent controller rated current range or control power range See table below.

The basic parameters of the main circuit

Inm In(A) Ui (frequency) Rated frequency (Hz) Ue(V)
45 12 、16 、18 、32 、45 、63 690 50/60 380/690
125 16 、18 、32 、45 、63 、100、125

The basic parameters of the main circuit

Shelf Ammeter (Inm) The rated current of the main body In (A) Intelligent controller rated operating current (Ie) Short delay current setting range Long delay current setting range 380V control power range Use category
45 12
0.4 0.48 0.16~0.4 0.05~0.12 AC~42
1 1.2~12 0.4~1 0.12~0.33
2.5 3~30 1~2.5 0.33~1.6
4 4.8~48 1.6~4 0.33~1.6
6.3 7.5~75 2.5~6.3 1~2.5
12 14.4~144 4.8~12 2.2~5.5
16 19.2!192 6.4~16 2.5~7.5
18 21.6~216 7.2~18 3.0~8
25 30~300 10~25 5.5~11
32 38.4~384 12.8~32 5.5~15
40 48~480 16~40 7.5~18.5
45 54~540 18~45 7.5~22
125 16
6.3 7.5~75 2.5~6.3 1~2.5
12 14.4~144 4.8~12 2.2~5.5
16 19.2~192 6.4~16 2.5~7.5
18 21.6~216 7.2~18 3.3~8
25 30~300 10~25 5.5~11
32 38.4~384 12.8~32 5.5~15
40 48~480 16~40 7.5~18.5
45 54~540 18~45 7.5~22.5
50 60~600 20~50 7.5~22
63 75.6~756 25.2~63 11~30
80 96~960 32~80 15~37
100 120~1200 40~100 18.5~45
125 150~1500 50~125 22~55

Note: a, the above power range is the reference Y series three-phase asynchronous motor technical parameters. B, if the special requirements, please contact the manufacturer.

Applicable to rated working conditions

● the ambient air temperature upper limit +40 ℃, 24 hours its average does not exceed +35 ℃, the lower limit of 5 ℃
● Altitude not more than 2000m above sea level
● Protection class IP20, with anti-touch function
● Pollution level TXCPS Control Protective Switch pollution level is 3 pole. But according to the micro-environment, can also be used for other pollution levels.
● eight hours of work
● Uninterrupted working system
● Intermittent cycle operation TXCPS Control Protective Switch 40% for load factor (power continuity) under this operating system Operating cycles for different rated operating voltages and different use categories (operating frequency) limit values See table

Operating frequency limit

Ue(V) Operation frequency of different use categories (times / hour)
AC-40 AC-41 AC-42 AC-43 AC-44
380 1200 1200 600 1200 300
690 1200 1200 300 300 120

Time current characteristics

Thermal memory characteristics

Repeated overload may cause the conductor heating intelligent controller due to overload, short delay or take time limit and other fault action, with simulated thermal bimetallic characteristics of the thermal effect, the energy after the overload of the release of about 3 minutes or so, Short-circuit delay after the end of the energy to release the end of 15 minutes, in this release time if the closed again TXCPS Control Protective Switch electrical overload or short circuit delay occurs, the action time is shorter, to ensure that the line or equipment to the appropriate protection.

Protection form

● Short-circuit transient protection protection: current and the switch body rated current, set the current l s = 201n soil 20% (RMS) is not adjustable, the action time shipped 2-3 ms.
● overload long delay protection: tripping characteristics of anti-time characteristics of the 1 ² t = constant, 1rl = (0.3 ~ 1) le panel 8 adjustable, tripping curve in 7.21r1 is the trip time (2.08 ~ 28.8) seconds Select, trip time error: 2lr1 the following is ± 10%, 2lr1 above ± 20%; factory trip trip curve set at 6lr1 trip time of 3 seconds.
● overload long delay thermal memory: overload energy 30 minutes + OFF release finished.
● overload short delay protection: sub-reverse limit short delay 12t + ON and definite time delay.
L²t + OFF two types of tripping characteristics; set current lr2 = 6/7/8/9/10/11/12
Lr1 + 0FF panel 8 adjustable (motor protection) or lr2 = 3 / 3.5 / 4 / 4.5 / 5 / 5.5 / 6
Lr1 + 0FF panel 8 adjustable (power distribution protection), the current error of ± 10%, the time error of ± 20%, tripping curve at 81r1 when the trip time is (0.05 ~ 1) seconds to choose;
Buckle curve set at 81r1 when the trip time is 0.16 seconds.
● overload short delay thermal memory: overload energy 15 minutes + OFF release finished.
● Short-circuit transient protection: Set current lr3 = 8/9/10/11/12/14/16.
Lr1 + 0FF panel 8 adjustable, the current error of ± 15%, the action time is less than 50 milliseconds, the factory set in the 141r1 current RMS).
● Phase loss protection: The action setting time is between (1 ~ 64) seconds + OFF, the time error is ± 20%, the factory setting is 10 seconds.
● Phase-off protection: The action setting time is selected between (1 ~ 64) seconds + OFF, the error is ± 20%, the factory setting is 10 seconds.
● Undercurrent protection: The ratio of the minimum line current to the rated current is selected between (40% ~ 100%) + 0FF main; the error is ± 15%, the action setting time is selected within (1 ~ 64) seconds, the error is ± 20 %, Factory set at 60%, time is 10 seconds.
● Three-phase unbalance protection: any two-phase current imbalance (20% ~ 100%) + OFF between the choice, the current error of ± 15%, action set time in the (1 ~ 64) seconds to select the error of ± 20%, the factory set at 60%, time is 10 seconds.
(Unbalance rate = (maximum current - minimum current) / maximum current)
● Overvoltage protection: three-phase (105 ~ 150)% Un-OFF main selection, action setting time in (1 ~ 64) seconds to choose the factory set at 120% of the rated voltage, misunderstanding of ± 5%; time 10 Second error will be 20% of the main difference.
● Undervoltage protection: select between three phases (50 ~ 95)% Un + OFF, select the operation time (1 ~ 64) seconds, the factory setting is 85% of the rated voltage, the error is ± 5%; time is 10 Second, the error will be ± 20%.
● Start-up delay: protects only phase, phase, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, leakage and three-phase imbalance to avoid high current and overcurrent protection. The setting time is (1 ~ 99) seconds Within + OFF main room selection. Factory set in 5 seconds, the error is ± 20%.
● Online programming function: with a handheld editor interface
● Fault indication: Use the light to display the fault type


Used for motor control (using category AC-42, AC-43, AC-44)

No. Trip level 1.0 times the circuit setting value
No action time
1.2 times the circuit setting value
No action time
Hot 1.5 times the current setting
Action time
Hot 7.2 times the current setting value
Action time
1 10A ≧2h <2h ≤2min
2 20 ≤4min
3 30 ≤8min
4 40 ≤12min

Operation characteristics for distribution line load (using IJ: A C-40, AC-41)

Use category Set the current (lr1) multiple With the relevant time of le Reference temperature
A B Le<63A Le<63A
AC-40、AC41 1.05 1.3 1 2 +30°
Note: A is not agreed action current, B is the agreed action current

Use of the product category

Use category code and typical use

Circuit Use the category code Typical use
The main circuit AC-20A Closed and disconnected circuits under no load conditions

Distribution current,

including the resistivity of the

mixed ancient and the inductive

load consisting of a combined reactor


No sense or micro-sense load,

resistance furnace


Weiyuan type motor starting,



Weiyuan type motor starting,



Squirrel-cage induction

motor starting, the city j moving

or reverse operation. Jogging

AC-45a Discharge of the discharge lamp
AC-46b Discharge of the incandescent lamp
Auxiliary circuit AC-75 Control AC electromagnet load
AC-20A Closed and disconnected circuits in wireless conditions

On-off F and the load,

including the appropriate overload

DC-13 Control the DC electromagnet load

The circuit is closed and disconnected

under wireless conditions


On-off resistive load,

including proper overload

Protection of the product of the electrical clearance and creepage distance

Electrical clearance, creepage distance, and Uimp

Circuit Uimp(KW) Electrical gap (mm) Creepage distance (mm) Impulse withstand voltage (kV)
The main circuit 8 ≥8 ≥10 10
Control circuit 8 ≥8 ≥10 /
Mechanical passive auxiliary circuit 8 ≥8 ≥10 /
Isolation auxiliary circuit 8 ≥8 ≥10 10
Voltage relay 8 ≥8 ≥10 /
Signal alarm auxiliary circuit 2.5 ≥1.5 ≥14 /

Dielectric properties

The test voltage value of the power frequency withstand voltage and the minimum insulation resistance

Ui(V) Test voltage (AC rms) Insulation resistance minimum
60<Ui≤300 1500V 1ΦMΩ
300<Ui≤690 2500V 1ΦMΩ

Mechanical life

Mechanical life of the main body and its modules

Shell class code and module name Mechanical life
Main body 500x104
Mechanical interlocking 300x104
Auxiliary contact 500x104
Isolate auxiliary contacts 1x 104
Signal auxiliary contact 1x 104
Operating mechanism 1x 104

Electrical life

The current from the current value down to the breaking current value of the power-on time of 0.05 ~ 0.1s, and AC-43 of the load time should be the number of load and a period of equivalent heating current is not greater than the principle of heating current

Main circuit electrical life times and connected and breaking conditions

Ue(V) Use category Electrical life Turn on condition Breaking capacity
New test product Rated run after short circuit Expected after the agreed current test l/le U/Ue lc/le Ur/Ue cosΦ
380 AC-43 100x104 1.5x103 3x103 6 1 1 0.17 0.35
AC-44 2x104 6 1
690 AC-44 1x104

The ability to connect, carry and disconnect short-circuit currents

Ue(V) In(A) Rated running short circuit breaking current lcs (kA) It is expected that the test current will be agreed Additional breaking capacity
380 12 、16 、18 、32 35 50 80 20x100 16x100x0.8
690 45 、63、105、125 10 10 10 (2000) (1280)


With short circuit protection (similar to MCCB and fuse short circuit protection), automatic control (similar to the contactor remote control function) in situ operation and indication function. Main body, floor, electromagnetic drive mechanism, operating mechanism, the main circuit contact group l including contact system, short circuit release) and other components.

Electromagnetic transmission mechanism

Electromagnetic drive mechanism mainly by the control coil, iron core, control the seat, and the base and other components (similar to the contactor of the electromagnetic control system, with undervoltage protection, can accept the on-off operation instructions, control the main circuit contact group in the main The terminals are connected to or disconnected from the main circuit, and the Ui (V) terminal of the coil is marked as A1 and A2.

Operating mechanism

Can accept the instantaneous short-circuit signal of each pole contact group and the fault signal from the intelligent release device, through the control contact cut off the control coil circuit by the electromagnetic operating mechanism to break the main circuit. After troubleshooting, reset the operation knob. The operating status of the TXCPS operating mechanism The symbols and indicators on the main panel are as shown in the following figure.

Main circuit contact group (including contact system, short circuit release)

Can accept the instantaneous short-circuit signal of each pole contact group and the fault signal from the intelligent release device, through the control contact cut off the control coil circuit by the electromagnetic operating mechanism to break the main circuit. After troubleshooting, reset the operation knob. The operating status of the TXCPS operating mechanism The symbols and indicators on the main panel are as shown in the following figure.

Main circuit contact group (including contact system, short circuit release)

The main circuit contact group consists of moving and static double-break contacts, gate interrupter and current limiting short-circuit release action mechanism, each pole is independent of each other, the main circuit contact group is equipped with limited-current fast short-circuit trip , And the high breaking capacity of the arc extinguishing military system, to achieve high current limiting characteristics l current limiting military number less than 0.2 I back-up protection, the tripping current setting value Is not adjustable, only with the main rated current, the setting value of 201n Primary 20% I RMS). Short-circuit in the load, the release of about 2 to 3 within the rapid impact to open the main contact, while driving the operating mechanism cut off the control circuit so that all the main circuit disconnect all poles.

Operation panel

A, free tripping position in the connected circuit, such as overload short circuit, phase failure, overvoltage and undervoltage failure, the corresponding function within the product module action, so that the main contact and coil control contacts are disconnected When the position.

B, disconnect the position coil control contact in the open position, TXCPS main contact to keep in the open position.

C, then re-position the operation knob to turn to the position when you can make a free trip KKB mouth switch electrical appliances normal and then buckle.

D, automatic control position KKB port switch internal coil control contact in the closed position through the coil control circuit on and off, in this state can be remote automatic control.

E, the isolation position will TXCPS handle isolation lever pulled out to this position, the internal main circuit has been disconnected in isolation, isolation rod class padlock.

Smart controller

With overload adjustable overcurrent adjustable protection function, with a delay, temperature compensation, phase failure, phase loss, undercurrent, three-phase unbalance, overvoltage, undervoltage and low overload under the good protection function? The set current value includes the overload inverse time delay delay setting current value lr1, short circuit delay setting current value or constant time setting current value l r2 are adjustable. According to the principle and purpose is divided into a variety of categories specifications.

Auxiliary contact module

The basic parameters of the auxiliary contact are shown in the table below. The auxiliary contacts are electrically separate, that is, each group of contacts can be connected to different voltages. Each pair of terminals of the auxiliary contacts are marked with 2 digits. Is the number of functions, normally closed ① 31 32, ② 41 42, ③ 51 52, normally open ① 13 14, ② 23 2 4, ③ 41 44 (of which 41 is the common point), 1,2 said normally closed contact, 3,4 said normally open The number of markers for the ten digits of the mark is the number of sequences. The same number of sequences are used for the terminals of the same contact, and all the contacts with the same function are numbered with different sequences. 95, logo signs fault signal normally open contact, 05, 08 mark the main body short-circuit signal normally open contact. When the main circuit overload l or over-current over-voltage, phase failure phase failure l operation when the knob is in the TRIP, 95, 9R fault alarm signal closed Kyrgyzstan, the main circuit breaking, the short circuit when the operation knob in TRIP, 05, 08 main body short-circuit alarm Signal closed Kyrgyzstan, 95, 98 fault alarm signal is also closed Kyrgyzstan, the main circuit breaking. Mechanical or electrical passive auxiliary contact with the main circuit contact or intelligent controller linkage, with electrical control and indication function. According to the number of contacts is divided into the kind of specifications. Mechanical or electrical passive signal alarm contact with the auxiliary contact with the operating mechanism or intelligent controller linkage, with working status and fault indication function.

Mechanical passive, isolated auxiliary contact

Ith(A) Ui(V) Ue Rated control capacity Connect the ability
6.3 690 48 24 300 120 1500 800
110/127 48 600 90 3500 700
220/240 110 500 75 6000 400
380 220 520 68 7500 260
/ 440 / 61 / 220

Basic electrical control diagram

Three - pole basic product shape and installation dimensions

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