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TXCPSF Control Protective Switch (fire control and protection switch, kb0 / kbo) is based on the basic type of product after a special improvement, in order to meet the needs of modern fire protection system development of fire products, the control and protection switch does not trip when the protected line fails (except for short circuits), only providing a pair of passive fire alarm contacts for the user to install the alarm device or other devices (such as intermediate relay).

Characteristics and main parameters

Fire-type control and protection switch of switch electrical appliances is a new design concept, by a dedicated fire-fighting controller, with other modules to achieve "failure does not trip," the unique features. TXCPSF Fire-type control and protective switch Set fuse, circuit breakers, contactors, starters, isolators, thermal relays, overload (or over-current phase failure) protection relays, motor integrated protection, intelligent leakage circuit breakers (relays) And other features of low-voltage electrical products in one of the multi-functional fire appliances, and has remote control and local control, automatic and manual control, panel instructions, fault query, flexible settings, the maximum rated current of 125A, To achieve the fire system overload, over current "only alarm, no trip" and short circuit "both alarm and trip specific requirements.

Product form

A, TXCPSFG fire isolation type
B, TXCPSDF fire type two-speed motor controller
C, TXCPSJF fire type Huangzhuang decompression starter
D, TXCPSNF fire reversing motor controller


TXCPSF Fire control and protection switch is mainly used for AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage to 690V, rated current to 0.4 to 125A in the fire system, can be connected to carry the normal conditions, including the provisions of the overload, over-current conditions Of the current, to achieve "only the alarm does not trip", and can be connected, carrying and breaking off the normal conditions of the current (such as short-circuit current), to achieve "both alarm and trip" unique function.

Application Note

In the actual operation of a sudden power failure will result in greater than the load loss of the motor load, should not be installed overload protection, these loads are fire hydrant pumps, spray pumps, exhaust fans and so on. If the protection function device such as overload is installed, when the fire occurs, the overload protection device will cause the product to act during the set time, the fire service equipment can not run normally, delay the fire extinguishing time, the loss may be more severe. If not installed overload protection and other functional devices, will make the failure to expand, resulting in irreparable damage. So the TXCPSF installed overload protection function device, through a special linkage mechanism, when the fire, overload and other protection functions in the set time for the role of passive alarm signal contacts to remind the fire control room on duty check, reduce the fault until exclude. TXCPSF fire control and protection of switching electrical appliances through the digital fire control and other functional modules with the implementation of the fault only when the alarm, not the unique function of the trip, when the protection line overload overcurrent (in addition to short-circuit fault), TXCPSF fire Type control and protection switch on the panel display fault code at the same time, the passive fire alarm contacts 95, 98 (basic type passive overload alarm contact) closed output.


● During normal operation, the knob on the panel can be used to directly control the opening and breaking of the main circuit in place.
● When the overload, overcurrent, broken phase, three-phase imbalance and other failures 95,98 passive fire alarm contact closed Kyrgyzstan, connected to an external alarm or other devices to remind the operator on duty lines, TXCPSF product operating agencies The knob is kept in the closed position does not jump, the main circuit is not open, this time through the external stop button or panel knob to disconnect the main circuit, troubleshooting must be deducted or reset.
● When the TXCPSF control and protection switch is short-circuited, the 05,08 contact sends out the alarm signal. The operating mechanism is in the tripping position and the main circuit is disconnected. The short-circuit fault must be removed or reset.
● Special warning: fire-type products in the event of a line failure, fire passive contacts 95,98 closed, connected to the external alarm circuit, the lifting of the alarm signal to the knob to the open position or through the external stop button power, Continue to use should be re-spin to the connected position.

Main panel


Outline mounting dimensions

And the basic type of the same

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