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Product description

TXZD1-63 Residual Current Circuit Breaker has all the features of existing leakage protection switch / air switch and the "auto recloser circuit breaker" function of introduced large-scale professional equipment, performance and reliability is also greatly improved. This auto recloser Circuit Breaker has leakage protection, low voltage protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short circuit protection, short circuit before closing detection, automatic reclosing, delay start, regulation and monitoring dry node output. Applicable to AC 50Hz or 60Hz rated voltage bipolar 220V / 230V, rated current up to 32A line environment. When the electrical equipment leakage, overload, short circuit, human and animal electric shock occurs, can automatically cut off the power automatically after the failure to eliminate automatic circuit recloser transmission, without manual closing to ensure the normal use of electrical equipment.
Single-phase auto recloser Circuit Breaker can solve the problems caused by lightning lightning, socket flashover caused by transient faults can not automatically restore power supply after the power failure, but also through the real-time monitoring of power supply line voltage, current, leakage and other operating conditions On the electrical equipment and line for the sub-gate protection.
Single-phase auto recloser Circuit Breaker uses high-voltage automatic recloser controller technology, to achieve strong isolation, effective isolation, to prevent mutual interference and surge intrusion, reduce false action, prolong product life and improve product stability and reliability . The use of traditional mechanical switches and single-chip micro-electronics combination of design concepts, to retain the traditional mechanical switch safe and reliable and intelligent electronic products sensitive to the characteristics of the installation and maintenance personnel to ensure the safe use of electrical equipment and effective.

Scope of application

It is suitable for the protection of line and power equipment overload, short circuit, leakage, over voltage, under voltage, automatic power off etc. protection and auto reclosing function. The auto recloser Circuit Breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz and rated current up to 63A. Can be widely used in a variety of environments unattended equipment, electricity protection or electrical fire safety requirements of high occasions, such as mobile communication base stations, PHS base stations, satellite ground receiving stations, microwave stations, program-controlled switches, network switches Communication system, communication switches, signal amplifiers, electronic monitoring, cable TV amplifiers, environmental monitoring stations, weather telemetry stations, energy pipeline telemetry stations, and places requiring high safety and fire protection.

Model and its meaning

Functions and features

Short circuit protection

Line short-circuit, if sustained for 0.5 seconds,

will cause the line burned.

If you can quickly cut off the power in 0.1 seconds,
Can avoid accidents. Automatic circuit recloser in

the current greater than the rated current of 5 times (50A or more)
, It is disconnected in 0.03 seconds to ensure the safety of the device.

Leakage Protection

Line occurs 15 to 30 mA of leakage or personal electric shock,

the automatic circuit recloser disconnected

within 0.03 seconds to ensure personal safety.

Overcurrent protection

If the line load is too heavy, the wire is very hot, is likely to cause a fire.

When the current is greater than 1.1 times the rated current
(11 amperes), automatic circuit recloser will

monitor the duration and size of this current; if continuous
Between more than 10 seconds, or more than 50 during the period,

automatic reclosing power protection that is

off the implementation of protection.

Over-voltage protection

Voltage is too high, easy to burn equipment, power supply

voltage is higher than 270 volts, the automatic circuit recloser disconnect.
When the voltage back to normal, the automatic reclosing power protection

automatically closed power. The voltage is too high, although dangerous
Pressure is too low also easily lead to fire, the supply voltage is less than

100 volts, the automatic circuit recloser disconnect; voltage
Automatic recovery after the automatic circuit recloser automatically closed power.

Call extension / loss of opening

When the mains power off, the automatic disconnection of input and

output lines, to avoid a new call, due to power supply is not normal,
Resulting in equipment burned out of the situation.

When the electricity to call again, should be delayed closing,

due to unstable power supply guide
Causes the master device to restart frequently.

Detection before closing

Automatic circuit recloser in the closing line befor

e the detection, if there is a short circuit or a serious leakage
Situation, will be closed and alarm alarm; if the user does not

promptly repair, failure without exclusion, you can not close

Automatic reclosing

Line instantaneous impact (such as lightning, socket flashover, etc.)

and may be dangerous, the automatic circuit recloser stand
After the impact, if the line is still safe,

automatic circuit recloser will automatically re-close
Gate power. Continuous reclosing 3 times

(time interval of 30 seconds, 0.5 hours, 1 hour),

the automatic circuit recloser will be disconnected and alarmed.

"Automatic reclosing" is the automatic circuit recloser additional function,
Reducing the manual closing, to ensure continuity of electricity,

improve the operation rate, so that users more convenient.

Error alarm

While the protection is disconnected, different red

indicator lights, indicating the corresponding fault type.

TXZD1 single-phase automatic circuit recloser can automatically reclosing after tripping, with zero line of fire protection and zero line disconnection protection, uninterrupted protection of equipment, unattended equipment to ensure continuous work and reduce losses.
1) Intelligent leakage identification: Identify all kinds of interference signals and leakage signals, to avoid false leakage trip.
2) Automatic power off: the line power, automatically disconnect the input and output lines. Re-call, the power supply is detected properly, then automatically power on.
3) zero FireWire connected to the protection: This function in the zero line of fire when the anti-closing, to avoid the occurrence of electrical burnout
4) zero line disconnection protection: When the "zero line" loose or be cut, resulting in voltage imbalance, this function in the voltage imbalance, the automatic power supply disconnected.
5) remote control: internal with RS232 communication interface, if necessary, external, convenient and remote monitoring equipment connected to achieve remote monitoring.
6) fault alarm: the protection disconnect at the same time, different red light, indicating the corresponding fault type.
7) Safety and stability: the use of mechanical switching characteristics and automatic recloser controller technology, protection products stable and reliable, very low failure rate.
8) Compensated regulated output: 90% efficiency,

Main technical parameters

Model TXZD1-63
Rated voltage (V) 230
Frame rated current (A) 63
Leakage operation current (mA) 30
Leakage non-operation current (mA) 15
Over-voltage protection (V) 270±10
Under-voltage protection (V) 100±10
Leakage breaking operation time (s) ≤0.1s
Pole 1P+N
Operating voltage range AC 85~320V
Withstand voltage Withstand voltage of live parts and case≥4000V
Number of automatic reclosing 5times (As required, set by software)
Automatic reclosing time 30s/300s/600s/0.5h/1h
(As required, set by software)
Communication Interface Internal RS-232 / RS485 interface, if necessary, can be external.
Lightning protection performance

Plus 1.2/50us (8/20us) combination wave between L-N,

2kV does not produce misoperation, 6kV is not damaged.

Working conditions Temperature range: -20℃~55℃;
Atmospheric pressure: 70kPa~106kPa;
Humidity range:≤95% RH;
Storage temperature:-55℃~80℃
Over-voltage / under-voltage breaking operation time ≤3s
Allow reset load impedance 20 Ω
Detection before closing
Self-consumption power ≤0.3W
Volume (mm) 90*98*66

There are five indicators on the board of automatic reclosing electric protector, from left to right are operation, voltage, leakage, short circuit, output.

Indicator light Ffunction
Operation-Green Indicator is green, normal operation for the second flash

Indicating seconds flash, that the mains under-voltage state;
When the indicator light is on, it indicates the over-voltage status of the mains;
When the indicator is flashing, it indicates that the

input voltage is faulty and is in the locked state


When the indicator light is on, it indicates over-current or short-circuit fault.
When the indicator is flashing, it indicates that the output circuit has

an overcurrent or short-circuit fault and is in the blocking state


Indicator light is long, that the output circuit leakage;
When the indicator is flashing, it indicates that th

e circuit is leaking and is in the locked state

Output - Green

When the output light is on, it means the device is in the

normal output state. Please pay attention to the electricity to prevent electric shock!
When the output lamp is off, it indicates that the device is in the off state (ie no output)

Outline and installation dimensions

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