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Scope of Application

VS1 series vacuum circuit breaker is a high voltage indoor switchgear with rated voltage 12KV and three-phase AC 50HZ. It is a product introduced by the Swiss ABB company combining the development of the domestic industry and the production capacity. The overall structure of the product for the first body and the operating mechanism installed in one form, the use of composite insulation structure, no pollution, no explosion hazard, high level of insulation.
The actuator of this series of products is spring energy storage type, which can be operated by AC or by manual operation.

Structure and characteristics

1, vacuum interrupter
VS1-12 fixed vacuum circuit breakers equipped with intermediate sealed ceramic or glass vacuum interrupter, the use of copper and chromium contact material, cup longitudinal magnetic field contact structure, the electrical contact wear rate, electrical long life, Contact pressure level, medium dielectric strength and stability, recovery speed after the arc, the closure of the level of the bottom, the ability to open paragraph.
2, overall structure The overall structure of the VS1-12 fixed vacuum circuit breaker is arranged in the form of an operating mechanism and an arc extinguishing chamber. The main electrical circuit part is a three-phase floor-standing structure. The vacuum interrupter is longitudinally installed in a tubular insulating tube. Made of epoxy resin by APG casting, so it is especially resistant to creepage. This structural design greatly reduces the accumulation of dust on the surface of the arc extinguishing chamber, which not only prevents the vacuum interrupter from being damaged by external factors, but also ensures high resistance to voltage effect even in hot and humid environments and in severe contamination state. Main circuit current path when circuit breaker is in closing position: On the outlet seat 28 is fixed in the interrupter on the bracket 27 to the vacuum interrupter static contact inside, the moving contact and its connected conductive clip, soft connection to the lower bracket 30, the lower outlet seat 32. By the insulating rod 34 and the internal disc spring 33 through the circuit breaker connecting rod system to complete the operation of the circuit breaker and keep the contact contact. Circuit breaker factory installed current levels are equipped with dust-proof insulation tube cover, the actual use of rated current 1250A and below Line may not have to remove the rated current 1600A and above must be removed when running.
3, operating agencies The actuator is a planar spring-loaded actuator with manual energy storage and electric energy storage. The actuator is placed in the mechanism box in front of the arc-extinguishing chamber. The mechanism box of the circuit breaker is also used as the actuator The framework. The mechanism box is divided into five assembly spaces by four intermediate partitions, during which the energy storage parts, the transmission parts, the tripping parts and the buffer parts of the motor are respectively arranged. The front part is provided with a combination button and a manual energy storage operation hole, Spring energy storage status signs, points sub-signs. In this way, the interrupter and the front-to-back arrangement of the mechanism form a whole, so as to make the two more in line with each other, reducing unnecessary intermediate transmission links, reducing energy consumption and noise, and making the circuit breaker more reliable.
4, VS1-12 fixed vacuum circuit breakers have the advantages of long life, simple maintenance, no pollution, no explosion danger and low noise, which are more demanding than those applicable to frequent operation and other conditions. Circuit breaker can be loaded into the handcart type switchgear. Can also be used for fixed switchgear.

Main technical parameters

Serial number Project Unit Data
31.5KA 40KA 50KA
1 Rated voltage KV 12
2 The maximum working voltage KV 12
3 Rated current A 1250,1600
Rated short-circuit breaking current
31.5 40 50
Rated short circuit opening and closing current (peak) KA 80 100 125
6 Rated peak withstand current KA 80 100 125
7 4S rated short-time withstand current KA 31.5 40 50
8 Rated insulation level Power frequency withstand voltage (before and after rated breaking) KV 42 (fracture 48)
Impact pressure (before and after rated breaking) 75 (fracture 84)
9 Rated operating sequence   Points -0.3S-combined points -180S-combined points
10 Mechanical life Times 10000
11 Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking times Times 50
12 Actuator rated closing voltage (DC) V 110,220
13 Actuator rated sub-gate current (DC)
14 Contact open the cabinet mm 11±1
15 Overtravel (contact spring compression length) mm 4±0.5
16 Three-phase points, closing different period ms ≤2
17 Contact closing bounce time ms ≤2
18 Average opening speed m/s 0.9∽1.2
19 Average closing speed m/s 0.6∽0.8
20 Opening time Under the highest operating voltage s ≤0.05
The lowest operating voltage ≤0.08
21 Closing time s ≤0.1
22 The main circuit resistance of each phase μΩ ≤40
23 Moving contact allowed to wear the cumulative thickness mm 3

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