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Scope of Application

TXJR6 soft start (soft starter)---AC squirrel cage asynchronous motor is the most widely used electrical equipment. The application of motor soft-start (soft-starter) intelligent technology makes the starting equipment more and more stable load characteristics, with little impact on the equipment grid and stable and reliable working performance. TXJR6 series all digital display soft starter, with a full working status LED display, can display man-machine dialogue interface, green environmental control unit (KGL) function range covers 5.5-500KW, widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering, construction, cement, The motor drive equipment in all fields such as mine and environmental protection is the ideal replacement product for the traditional Y-▲ starting, reactor starting and auto-coupling step-down starting.
AC squirrel-cage motor soft start technology has been applied in developed countries for many years, it successfully solved the problems caused by the larger AC motor starting and impact on mechanical equipment.
NMJR6 series all-digital soft start controller is based on advanced micro-processing and controls high-power thyristor components. It has grading inverter start, kick start current limiting, voltage ramp start and soft stop function. The parameters can be set according to the load. Set, and have over-current, overload, lack of equal protection. The output voltage of the soft starter rises according to the set law, and after the start-up process of the controlled motor torque is completed according to the optimized acceleration curve, the thyristor assembly is turned off, and the bypass AC contactor works.

Typical application profile


·Water pump: The pump control function is used to reduce the water hammer phenomenon of pump flow caused by the impact of liquid flow during starting and stopping, which saves system maintenance costs;
· Ball mill: Use voltage ramp to start, reduce the wear of gear torque, reduce maintenance workload, which saves time and saves money;
• Fan: The use of a soft starter to replace the traditional starter reduces belt wear and mechanical shock, saving maintenance costs:
Compressor: Use current limiting to achieve a smooth start, reduce motor heating and extend service life;
Crusher: Uses locked rotor protection and rapid protection to prevent motor overheating and burnout due to mechanical failure or obstruction;
· Conveyor: Use soft start and preset low speed to achieve a smooth, gradual starting process to avoid product displacement and liquid overflow

Standards compliant

· GBI4048.6-1998 5.5-600kw China National Compulsory Product 3C Certification.
· OEN60947-4-2: 2000 5.5-320kw EC CE certification.
·IS0900 1-2000 international quality system certification. (2000 version change)
· Protection level: IP40 (can be agreement).
·Anti-seismic capability: below 3000 meters above sea level, vibration force device above 0.5G.
· Impact resistance: 15kg11ms.
· Ambient temperature: -30-55°C
· Ambient temperature: 95% without condensation or dripping

Function introduction

Soft start function · Soft stop function · Emergency stop function
Power-saving operation function and bypass operation function
Protection function: overload, phase failure, peak over-current, over-current, under-current, over-voltage,
Under-voltage, phase sequence, current limit timeout, thermal protection overheating

Model and its meaning

The model of this soft starter is set with reference to asynchronous motors such as Y and Z. The typical value of the current corresponds to the Y series 4-pole motor.

Structure and function

TXJR6 intelligent soft starter configuration shown in Figure 1. The main loop consists of a direct anti-parallel thyristor (or thyristor module). The transformer detects the motor current: the control loop uses the microcontroller as the control core, and the parameter settings and status display are completed using buttons and a digital tube. The structure is advanced, novel and simple. , easy to operate, simple and practical.
Also equipped with a more complete control input terminals and status output terminals: R, S, T line termination 3 phase AC380V power supply, the outlet U, V, W connected to the motor: control thyristor a angle, so that the thyristor output to the motor The voltage increases linearly to the rated value, the so-called ramp to the top, the motor accelerates to the rated speed, completes the soft start, and issues a bypass signal, which causes the bypass contactor to pull in and switch over to bypass operation, while the fault detection is still on the motor. Protect it.

Operation principle and system composition

Installation size

Specifications And Model


Rated Current(A) Dimensions Installation size Mounting hole diameter Weight(KG)
TXJR6-22 5.5-22 10-40 245 160 165 200 142 225 ∅6 2.3
TXJR6-30 30 54 245 160 165 200 142 225 ∅6 2.3
TXJR6-37 37 68 245 160 165 200 142 225 6 2.3
TXJR6-45 45 80 245 160 165 200 142 225 6 2.3
TXJR6-55 55 100 245 160 165 200 142 225 6 2.3
TXJR6-75 75 135 530 280 200 390 420 250 9 17
TXJR6-90 90 160 530 280 20 390 420 250 9 17
TXJR6-115 115 200 530 280 200 390 420 250 9 17
TXJR6-132 132 250 530 280 200 390 420 250 9 17
TXJR6-160 160 300 530 280 200 390 420 250 9 17
TXJR6-220 200 360 530 280 200 390 420 250 9 17
TXJR6-250 250 450 575 310 200 420 450 280 9 17
TXJR6-320 320 560 575 310 200 420 450 280 9 17
TXJR6-400 400 800 670 438 273 485 515 390 9 17
TXJR6-500 500 1000 670 438 273 485 515 390 9 17

The main application area

The soft starter is mainly applied to the following loads:
◆fan, water pump
◆Machine tools
◆ Textile printing and dyeing
◆ Grinding and crushing machinery
◆ Liquid filling
◆ Belt conveyors
◆Stirring machinery
◆Circular saws, band saws
◆Other occasions requiring soft start
For motors with capacity of 5.5kW or above, soft starting devices should be used in applications where speed control is not required. The soft starter has a RS485 communication interface, which allows the soft starter to control the upper computer.

Technical indicators

Performance Index - Operating Characteristics
◆ soft start base voltage: 20% - 75% of rated voltage,
◆ Ramp rise time: 1-120 seconds
◆ Current limit value: 100-450% motor rated current
◆ sudden start time (voltage is rated voltage): 0-2 seconds
◆ ramp down time: 1-120 seconds
◆ Cut off voltage: 20-100% of rated voltage
◆ Power-saving operation: When the motor is lightly loaded (≤ 50% of the rated current), it can run on electricity.

Protection features

◆ Overload protection: 2 times overload current protection, 8 sets of protection action time available
◆ Phase protection: the soft starter power supply is disconnected
◆Overcurrent protection: 80-300% motor rated current, time 1-30 seconds
◆ Underflow protection: 0-80% motor rated current, time 1-30 seconds
◆ Peak over-current protection: 300-800% device rated current
◆ Phase sequence detection protection: protection action during reverse phase sequence
◆ Current limit timeout protection: 1-40 seconds
◆ Heatsink Overheat Protection: If the heatsink temperature exceeds 80°C, the protection action
◆Overvoltage protection: >460V
◆ Undervoltage protection: <300V
◆ External fault input: The fault signal outside the soft starter can be input to the soft start
◆ Actuator for fault protection.

Relay output

Soft starter has 2 relays:
◆ Fault relay, action when the soft starter fails.
◆ Bypass relay, action when the output voltage reaches the rated value.
◆Relay contact capacity: 5A maximum at 30VDC or 220VAC
◆Protection level: IP20
◆ Under normal operating conditions, the noise emitted by the operation of the soft starter should not exceed 80dB (A sound level)

Basic wiring diagram

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