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Scope of Application

The regulator is an autotransformer whose output (end) voltage can be adjusted. There are two types of cores: the ring type and the column type. Column cores are similar to general transformers in that they are laminated with silicon steel sheets; ring cores are rolled with silicon steel tape. In the structure of the loop auto-regulator, the winding is wound on the ring core with a single layer of insulated copper wire. The surface of the coil part is ground away from the insulating layer to form a smooth surface, and a carbon brush made of copper-graphite composite is in contact with it. The carbon brush can be rotated on the surface of the wire by means of a hand wheel to change the output voltage. Current capacity greater than 10A, with two or more carbon brushes in parallel. Auto-connected regulators are generally made of self-cooled, dry type. In occasions with particularly large capacity or special use environments, there are also oil-immersed self-cooling systems. Three ring-type single-phase auto-coupling regulators are fitted together to form a three-phase auto-coupling voltage regulator.
Series LW-TDGC, TSGC2 single/three-phase voltage regulator series products are the fourteenth batch of energy-saving products for the electromechanical industry. Used in pressure regulating, temperature control, speed regulation, dimming, power control and other places, the use of a wide range, the product has a waveform is not distorted, small size, light weight, high efficiency, easy to use, reliable operation and other characteristics of its performance For superiority.
The coil is the main component of the regulator and it has the following properties:
1. The use of high magnetic permeability oriented steel, so the loss is small.
2. Using mechanical automatic winding, even between 匝 and ,, each line is straight and parallel, so the contact surface is flat.
3. Use a heat-resistant resin material to dip paint and cure to make the pressure regulator more heat-resistant.
4. Use mechanical grinding to make the contact surface smooth like a mirror.
5. With the traditional multi-carbon brush design, the contact surface of the carbon brush is increased, the current per brush is reduced, and the temperature rise is reduced.
6. Use high-performance carbon brushes to increase electrical conductivity and eliminate fire extinguishing.
7. Use copper surface welding to reduce contact resistance and reduce temperature rise.
8. The use of heat-resistant, elastic metal materials allows long-term stability of the mechanical pressure and reduces the temperature rise of the contact.

Regulator application area


Regulators are often used in the following areas:
1. Electric furnace industry: annealing furnace, drying furnace, quenching furnace, sintering furnace, crucible furnace, tunnel furnace, furnace, box-type electric furnace, well-type electric furnace, melting electric furnace, rolling electric furnace, vacuum electric furnace, trolley electric furnace, quenching electric furnace, Time furnace, hood type furnace, atmosphere furnace, oven, experimental electric furnace, heat treatment, resistance furnace, vacuum furnace, mesh belt furnace, high temperature furnace, furnace, electric furnace;
2. Machinery and equipment: packaging machinery, injection molding machinery, thermal shrinkage machinery, extrusion machinery, food machinery, tempering equipment, plastic processing, infrared heating;
3. Glass industry: glass fiber, glass molding, glass melting, glass printing, float glass production line, annealing tank;
4. Automotive industry: spray drying, thermoforming;
5. Energy-saving lighting: tunnel lighting, street lighting, photography lighting, stage lighting;
6. Chemical industry: distillation evaporation, preheating system, pipeline heating, petrochemicals, temperature compensation;
7. Other industries: Salt Bath Furnace, Industrial Frequency Induction Furnace, Temperature Control of Quench Furnace, Temperature Control of Heat Treatment Furnace, Diamond Press Heating, High Power Magnetizing/Demagnetization Equipment, Aviation Power Supply Voltage Regulation, Central Air Conditioner Electric Heater Temperature Control, Textile machinery, crystal stone production, powder metallurgy machinery, color picture tubes, production equipment, metallurgical machinery equipment, petrochemical machinery, light smooth regulation, constant voltage constant current constant power constant control and other fields.

Scope of Application


The Input Voltage

Single Phase 220V Three Phase 380V

Load Power Factor


The Output Voltage

Single Phase0~250V Three Phase0~430V

Ambient Temperature

-5°~ 40°

Working Frequency


Relative Humidity




Electric Strength


Waveform Distortion

Without Any Additional Waveform Distortion

Insulation Resistance


Remarks: The maximum power of single-phase dry regulator can be 150KVA; the maximum power of three-phase dry regulator can be 500KVA, and the special voltage can be customized!

How to buy

When ordering, please specify product type, capacity, rated output voltage, rated input voltage, power input and output position, etc.;
If there are special requirements, details must be added and instructions can be provided in advance as requested by the user.

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