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Product description

TNS (SVC) series automatic Three-phase AC voltage regulator is composed of voltage regulator circuit, control circuit, and servo motor. The control circuit samples and amplifies the voltage signal and then controls the servo motor to drive the arm and the brush to rotate in the desired direction so that the output voltage is adjusted to the rated value to achieve the purpose of voltage regulation. Performance indicators fully comply with JB/T 10089 standard.
TNS Series (SVC) series of high-precision automatic Three-phase AC voltage regulator has a beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, low power consumption, a variety of protection functions, stable and reliable, the output waveform distortion is small. Can be widely used in industrial production, scientific research, medical and health, household appliances and other power grid voltage fluctuations or large changes in the grid voltage season, can provide high-quality power to any load.
TNS Series (SVC) series of high-precision automatic Three-phase AC voltage regulator Product Specifications: Input voltage: Three phase 350-450V; Ambient temperature: -10 °C - +40 °C; Insulation resistance: ≥ 2MΩ; Electric strength: Work No sinusoidal voltage 2000V for 1 minute without breakdown and flashover; Output voltage: Three-phase 380V; Overload capability: Double rated current for 1 minute; Output accuracy: ±3%; Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz; Waveform distortion : No additional waveform distortion; Protection function: Overvoltage, overcurrent, and mechanical fault protection; Response speed: ≤1.5S (when the external voltage changes by 10%).
TNS Series (SVC) series of high-precision automatic single-phase AC voltage regulator commonly used specifications: TNS-0.5KVA, TNS-1KVA, TNS-2KVA, TNS-3KVA, TNS-5KVA, TNS-8KVA, TNS-10KVA, TNS- 15KVA, TNS-20KVA, TNS-30KVA.

Technical Parameters



Single phase

Three Phase

Specifications( TND/SVC)



Input Voltage Range


Three-phase four-wire phase voltage150~250V,Line voltage260~430V

The output voltage

220V Or 110V

Three-phase four-wire phase voltage220V,Line voltage380V

Overvoltage protection value


Phase voltage246±4V(Based on phase voltage)

Voltage regulation accuracy

220V±3%  110V±6%



Waveform distortion

No additional waveform distortion

Load power factor


Adjust the time

<1 second (when input voltage changes by 10%)

Temperature rise


Delay time

Length: 5±2 minutes; Short: 4±2 seconds

Dielectric strength

1500V/ 1min


1, do not use excessive load;
2, please use enough wires;
3, please carefully connect the input voltage and the output of the instrument and equipment;
4, the output voltage of instrument and voltage regulator should be unified;
5, please select good input voltage switch and power supply voltage;
6, if the fuse blows, please check the load device;
7, to use the same rated fuse, can not use non-rated fuse or wire;
8, Install in a dry and ventilated place.

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