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Scope of Application

JRS2 Thermal Overload Relay is suitable for power system with AC 50Hz, rated working voltage of main circuit up to 690V, current up to 630A, for overload and phase-failure protection of three-phase AC asynchronous motor. Products meet the GB14048.4 standard.

Model and Meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

Ambient temperature: The average value does not exceed +35°C in 24 hours.
Altitude: no more than 2000m.
Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity does not exceed 50% at +40°C, and higher relative humidity may be allowed at lower temperatures. For example, 90% at 20°C, special measures should be taken for the occasional condensation due to temperature changes.
Pollution level: 3 levels.
Installation category: Class III.
Installation conditions: The inclination of the installation face and the vertical is not more than ±5°.
In addition to mounting screws, the relay can also use 35mm standard rail.
Shock vibration: The relay should be installed and used in places where there is no significant shaking, shock and vibration.
Transportation, Storage: The relay should not be subject to severe impact and vibration during transportation, and it must not be affected by rain or snow in transportation and storage. Relays are suitable for transport and storage at -25°C ~ +55°C, and at +70°C for short periods (in 24h).

Structure Feature

Internal structure: insert combined type or independent type, independent type can be derived to independent type; with differential phase-failure protection and temperature compensation device; insert combination can prevent finger electric shock.
Installation operation: Z-combination type can be directly inserted into the AC contactor, F-independent type can be installed separately or installed on the rail; normally closed and normally open auxiliary contacts are insulated and separated; setting current is continuously adjustable; with auto or manual reset button; with test buttons and tripping instructions.

Main Technical Parameters

Rated current and setting current range of thermoelement

Model Rated insulation voltage Ui Thermoelement Rated current range For connector
JRS2-12.5 690V 1Q 0.1~0.16 CJX1-09/12
2Q 0.16~0.25
3Q 0.25~0.4
4Q 0.4~0.63
5Q 0.63~1
6Q 0.8~1.25
7Q 1~1.6
8Q 1.25~2
9Q 1.6~2.5
10Q 2~3.2
11Q 2.5~4
JRS2-14.5 12Q 3.2~5 CJX1-09~12
13Q 4~6.3
14Q 5~8
15Q 6.3~10
16Q 8~12.5
17Q 10~14.5
JRS2-25 1R 0.1~0.16 CJX1-16~22
2R 0.16~0.25
3R 0.25~0.4
4R 0.4~0.63
5R 0.63~1
6R 0.8~1.25
7R 1~1.6
8R 1.25~2
9R 1.6~2.5
10R 2~3.2
11R 2.5~4
12R 3.2~5
13R 4~6.3
14R 5~8
15R 6.3~10
16R 8~12.5
17R 10~16
18R 12.5~20
19R 16~25
JRS2-32 1S 4~6.3 CJX1-32~38
2S 6.3~10
3S 10~16
4S 12.5~20
5S 16~25
6S 20~32
7S 25~36
JRS2-45 1T 4~6.3 CJX1-32~38
2T 6.3~10
3T 10~16
4T 12.5~20
5T 16~25
6T 20~32
7T 25~36
8T 32~40
9T 36~45
JRS2-80 1U 11~17 CJX1-45~85
2U 16~25
3U 20~32
4U 25~40
5U 32~50
6U 40~57
7U 50~63
8U 57~70
9U 63~80
10U 70~88
JRS2-180 1W 55~80 CJX1-100~170
2W 63~90
3W 80~110
4W 90~120
5W 110~135
6W 120~150
7W 135~160
8W 150~180
JRS2-400 1Y 80~120 CJX1-400
2Y 125~200
3Y 160~250
4Y 200~320
5Y 250~400
JRS2-630 1Z 320~500 CJX1-630
2Z 400~630
Action time of JRS2 series relay when three-pole circuit load is balanced.
Phase failure performance.
The manual reset time of the thermal relay should not exceed 2min, and the auto reset time should not exceed 5min.

Basic parameters of the auxiliary circuit

Setting current multiples Action time Start condition Ambient temperature
Any two phases Third phase >2h Cold state 20℃
1.0 0.9
1.15 0 <2h Following the No.1 test

Rated insulation voltage Ui (V) 400 230
Conventional thermal current Ith (A) 6 6
Utilization Category AC-15 DC-13
Rated operational voltage Ue (V) 230 400 220
Rated operational current Ie (A) 1.15 1.1 0.2
Backup fuse (RT16) type (A) 6

Outline and Installation Dimension

Model JRS2-400 JRS2-630
a 50 52
b 146 156
c 70 71
φ 11 11
e 171 186
f 25*4 30*5

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