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Scope of Application

JRS1 series thermal overload relay is suitable for AC 50Hz, main circuit rated voltage to 690V, rated current to 83A circuit for overload and phase protection of AC motor. It has a differential mechanism and temperature compensation link, which can be plugged and installed with the CJX2 series AC contactor.
Meet the GB14048.4 standard



1. Rated current level and setting range of thermal components are shown in Table 1.
2. JRS1 thermal relay protection characteristics are shown in Table 2
3 auxiliary circuit parameters see Table 3

Table 1

Model Tuning current adjustment range Cooperation with contactors Connectable contactors
JRS1-09301 0.1~0.16 CJX2-09 CJX2-0.9~CJX2-25
JRS1-09302 0.16~0.25
JRS1-09303 0.25~0.40
JRS1-09304 0.40~0.63
JRS1-09305 0.63~1
JRS1-09306 1~1.6
JRS1-09307 1.6~2,5
JRS1-09308 2.5~4
JRS1-09310 4~6
JRS1-09312 5.5.~8
JRS1-09314 7~10
JRS1-12316 10~13 CJX2-12
JRS1-16321 13~18 CJX2-16
JRS1-25322 18~25 CJX2-25
JRS1-40355 23~32 CJX2-40 CJX2-40~ CJX2-60
JRS1-40353 30~40
JRS1-63357 38~50 CJX2-63
JRS1-63359 48~57
JRS1-63361 57~66
JRS1-80363 63~80 CJX2-80 CJX2-80

Note: The JRS1-80 thermal relay is only installed vertically.

Table 2

Table 3

Shape and installation dimensions





Shape and installation dimensions




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