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Scope of Application

JR36 Thermal Overload Relay is suitable for three-phase AC motor with AC 50Hz, rated voltage to 690V, current from 0.25 to 160A for overload protection and phase failure protection. The product is a replacement product of the bimetal thermal relay. Its installation size is exactly the same as that of the JR16 series. It can be combined with the CJT1 series AC contactor to compose the electromagnetic starter.
The product conforms to GB14048.4 and IEC60947-4-1.

Model and Meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

Ambient temperature: The average value does not exceed +35°C in 24 hours.
Altitude: no more than 2000m.
Atmospheric conditions: The relative humidity does not exceed 50% at +40°C, and higher relative humidity may be allowed at lower temperatures. For example, 90% at 20°C, special measures should be taken for the occasional condensation due to temperature changes.
Pollution level: 3 levels.
Installation category: Class III.
Installation conditions: The inclination of the installation face and the vertical is not more than ±5°.
In addition to mounting screws, the relay can also use 35mm standard rail.
Shock vibration: The relay should be installed and used in places where there is no significant shaking, shock and vibration.
Transportation, Storage: The relay should not be subject to severe impact and vibration during transportation, and it must not be affected by rain or snow in transportation and storage. Relays are suitable for transport and storage at -25°C ~ +55°C, and at +70°C for short periods (in 24h).

Structure Feature

This series of thermal relays is three-phase bimetal type with tripping level of 10A. With differential phase fault protection, continuous adjustable current setting device: temperature compensation, action flexibility detection mechanism, test button, can manually disconnect the NC contact function, manual and auto reset conversion adjustment structure, one NO and one NC contacts on electricity. Installation method: independent installation.

Main Technical Parameters

Basic parameters of auxiliary contact

Utilization Category Conventional thermal current A Rated insulation voltage Rated operational voltage Rated operational current Control flow
AC-15 10 10 380V 380V 0.47A 180VA
DC-13   220V 0.15A 33W

Operating characteristic

Item No. Setting current multiple Action time Test conditions
Overload protection 1 1.05 No action in 2h Cold
2 1.2 Action in 2h Heat (Following the No.1 test)
3 1.5 Action in 2 minutes Heat (Following the No.1 test)
4 7.2 2s<Tp≤10s Cold
Phase-failure protection 5 Any two phases Another phase No action in 2h Cold
1.0 0.9
6 1.5 0 Action in 2h Heat (Following the No.5 test)

Type Rated insulation voltage Rated current Setting current range (A) Thermal element Fuse Sectional area of connecting wire (normal core) mm For contactor
JR36-20 690V 20A 0.25~0.35 B1 50A 1.0 CJT1-10
0.32~0.5 B2
0.45~0.72 B3
0.68~1.1 B4
1~1.6 B5
1.5~2.4 B6
2.2~3.5 B7
3.2~5 B8 CJT1-20/40
4.5~7.2 B9
6.8~11 B10 1.5
10~16 B11 2.5
14~22 B12 4.0
JR36-63 63A 14~22 D1 125A CJT1-60
20~32 D2 6
28~45 D3 10
40~63 D4 16
JR36-160 160A 40~63 E1 315A CJT1-100/150
53~85 E2 25
75~120 E3 50
100~160 E4 70

Outline and lnstallation Dimension

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