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Scope of Application

JR20 thermal overload relay is suitable for AC 50Hz, voltage to 690V, current to 630A circuit, used as AC motor overload, phase failure and three-phase serious imbalance protection. With phase failure protection, temperature compensation; manual or automatic reset; action trip flexibility check; action trip indication;
Meet the GB14048.4 standard.

Main specifications

Model With AC contactor Model With AC contactor
JR20-10 CJ20-10 JR20-160 CJ20-100 CJ20-160
JR20-16 CJ20-16 JR20-250 CJ20-250
JR20-25 CJ20-25 JR20-400 CJ20-400
JR20-63 CJ20-40 CJ20-63 JR20-630 CJ20-630

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