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Product Overview

CJ12 AC contactor is used for the circuit of AC 50 Hz, rated voltage to 380V,current up to 600A of power systems, for remove making and breaking circuit,and frequency starting, stopping and inverse AC motor. Mainly used for electrical control circuits of metallurgy, rolling steel, cranes and other electrical equipment.
Din Rail Mounted Contactor meets the standards of GB14048.4 and IEC60947-4-1.

Model and Meaning

Normal Operating Conditions

1. Ambient temperature: Ambient temperature is not higher than +40°C and not lower than -25°C (can be used at +60°C, but the rated current of contact should be reduced).
2. Altitude: no more than 2000m.
3. Relative humidity is not more than 90% (Monthly average minimum temperature does not exceed +25°C).
4. Amplitude is less than 6mm, vibration frequency is not greater than 3Hz occasions.
5. The inclination of the mounting surface to the vertical or forward or backward shall not exceed 5°.
6. Pollution degree: 3.
7. Installation category: Class III. If the contactor is manufactured according to the humid tropical conditions, it is allowed to work in places where mold and condensation are present when the relative humidity is not more than 95% (+35°C).

Main Technical Parameters

The AC contactor is open type. Its structure is that the electromagnetic system of the rack plane layout is at the right, the main contact is in the middle, the auxiliary contact is at the left, and equipped with rotatable stop. The whole arrangement is convenient for monitoring and maintenance.
The magnetic system of the contactor is composed of U-shaped movable-static iron core and coil. The movable and static iron cores are equipped with the buffer device to prolong the product life. DC magnetic system of CJ12-Z is made of thick steel plate, and the coil is double-winding and occupies a normally closed auxiliary contacts.
The main contact of the contactor is single break point series magnetic blowout structure equipped with a longitudinal slit arc extinguishing cover, which has a good arc extinguishing performance.
Auxiliary contacts are double breakpoint bridge type with transparent protective cover.
The wearing parts of the contactor are easy to assemble and disassemble and easy to maintain and repair.
Model Pole Rated operating voltage (V) Conventional thermal current or Rated operating current (A) Operation cycles (times/h) Auxiliary contact Note
Utilization Category Rated operational voltage Conventional thermal current (A) Rated control capacity Combination
CJ12-100 2, 3, 4, 5 AC380 100 600 (note) AC-15
AC380 10 AC 380V 1000VA (not separated in the electric) DC 220V 90W 5 NO + 1 NC
4 NO + 2 NC
3 NO + 3 NC
Note: Load factor is 40%, and the use category is AC-2
CJ12-150 150
CJ12-250 250
CJ12-400 400 300 (note) DC220
CJ12-630 630

Electrical life and mechanical life of 3P contactor

Rated current (A) Making and breaking Operating cycles per hour Electrical life (1000 times) Mechanical life (1000 times)
I U Cosφ±0.05
250 and below 2.5le Ue 0.65 600 150 3000
400 and below 300 100 1000
Note: Electrical life indicator in the table is the AC-2 use category.
The full range of 2P contactors life has 1 million times. The mechanical life of the 4P/5P contactor is 100,000 times.

Outline and lnstallation Dimension

Model lnstallation Dimension Max. Outline Dimension Safety zone C Mounting screw
B A Total width E Q L M
2P 3P 4P 5P 2P 3P 4P 5P
CJ12-100 274 330 386 442 316 372 430 486 194 195 80 50 15 M10
CJ12-150 307 370 433 496 346 409 473 537 219 207 70 40 15 M10
CJ12-250 335 405 475 545 374 445 516 586 255 230 70 80 15 M10
CJ12-400 360 440 520 600 420 500 581 663 296 274 100 80 20 M12
CJ12-630 404 500 596 692 469 566 664 760 349 334 120 100 24 M16

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