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Scope of Application

BK, DG isolation transformer is a 1/1 transformer. Primary single-phase 220V, secondary is single-phase 220V. Or the primary three-phase 380V, the secondary is three-phase 380V. First of all, usually we use the AC power supply voltage to connect a line to the earth, and there is a potential difference of 220V between the other line and the earth. Contact with people can cause electric shock. The secondary of the isolation transformer is not connected to earth, and there is no potential difference between any two lines of it and the earth. There is no electric shock when a person touches any line, so it is safer. Secondly, the output of the isolation transformer is completely isolated from the input. This effectively filters the input of the transformer (supply voltage of the power grid). In order to provide electricity equipment to provide a pure power supply voltage!
The BK and DG isolation transformers are also not necessarily 1/1. Because "the AC power we use is connected to the earth" is not necessarily. Many power supply lines use a multimeter to measure the voltage between the ground and the live and neutral wires. All of them are 110V, which means that there is not necessarily a single wire. Grounding, of course, is the case where one wire is grounded.

Normal working environment

1, The altitude does not exceed 2000m;
2, The maximum ambient temperature is +40 °C, the highest monthly average temperature is not greater than +30 °C, the annual average temperature is not greater than +20 °C;
3, Air relative humidity is not more than 95%;
4. In the ambient air, harmful gases or dusts that do not contain corrosive metals and damage the insulation are used; in use, the transformer must not be subject to water, rain, or snow;
5, The power supply voltage waveform is similar to a sine wave.


1. Before buying, first estimate the total capacity of the electrical appliances you use, and select a transformer with a considerable capacity to ensure that the transformer is not burned out during transient start-up.
2. The transformer is designed and produced in strict accordance with relevant national standards. When you use a multi-winding (multi-control voltage) transformer, the capacity should be increased by the voltage ratio to avoid damaging the transformer.
3. Before installation, you should carefully check whether the data listed on the nameplate meets your requirements. After confirming it is correct, it can be installed and used.
4. After power-on work, the transformer core and coil will heat up (but the temperature rise does not exceed 80°C) is a normal phenomenon. If the temperature rises above 80°C or even smoke, you should cut off the power switch and recheck the capacity of your electrical appliance.
5. During transportation, collisions should be avoided as far as possible. Do not get wet. When using, please pay attention to maintenance to protect the safety of the transformer.

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