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Product Overview

DBW/SBW single phase and Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer (hereafter call voltage stabilizer) is a contact adjustable stabilizer, application when outside electricity power fluctuation or load power all time difference rebellious voltage fluctuation, this Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer can automatic keep output voltage stabilization, this series products compare with other stabilizer have as follow feature: have big capacity, efficiency very high, non-lack fidelity in wave distortion, the voltage adjustable balance, self-cooling and successively working for long period and long service time, can endure instantaneous over-load,as well as transferring between manual control and automatic control system, besides it is provided with protection over-voltage,over-load(over-current),lack phase or phase fail, phase sequence protect and mechanical breakdown automatic protect, small volume, light weight, convenient installation and reliable running and so on.
Three Phase Power Voltage Stabilizer Widely used in electromechanical equipment, metal processing equipment, production line, construction device, excvavtor for gold mine, post and telecommunications, department stores, elevators, hospitals equipment, schools, printing machine, securities and other occasions where all need normally voltage to ensure, such as workshop mines medium enterprises, some of the important equipement and computer power and support where need voltage stabilization.
Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer Meet the standard: JB/T 8749.8, Q/ZT431.

Model and meaning

Normal operating conditions and installation conditions

1. Three Phase Voltage Stabilizer Ambient temperature: -10°C~+40°C.
2. The altitude does not exceed 1000 meters.
3. Relative humidity: not more than 90%.
4. The installation site should be free of gas vapor, chemical deposits, dust, dirt, and other explosive and aggressive media that can seriously affect the voltage stabilizer's insulation.
5. The installation site should be free of severe vibration or bumps.
6. The special use conditions that do not meet the above requirements shall be determined through consultation between the user and the company.

Main parameters and technical performance

Phase Single-phase Three-phase
Input voltage 220V±20% 380V±20%
Output voltage 220V±5% (can be set) 380V±5% (can be set)
Frequency 50Hz~60Hz 50Hz~60Hz
Stabilized voltage precision ±(1~5)% (can be set) ±(1~5)% (can be set)
Response Time ≤1.5s (Input voltage step 15V) ≤1.5s (Input voltage step 25V)
Output overvoltage protection value (242±2.2)V (418±3.8)V
Efficiency ≥95% (power class: more than 50kvA)
Overload capacity Double rated current, maintain 1 minute
Protection function Overvoltage, over current, phase failure, phase sequence
Insulation resistance ≥5MΩ
Waveform distortion No additional waveform distortion
Remarks: 1. SBW Three Phase Power Voltage Stabilizer (380V/220V), (380V/200V) and (220V/220V) products can be customized.
2. Three Phase  Voltage Stabilizer that exceed the parameters and technical performance in the above table can be negotiated and customized.
For example: voltage output 400V, voltage output three-phase 220V, voltage regulator range ± 30% can be customized.
Model Output power
w*d*h (cm)
Model Output power
w*d*h (cm)
DBW-20K 20 65×54×135 283 SBW-50K 50 80x54x135 350
DBW-30K 30 65×54×135 310 SBW-60K 60 80x54x135 370
DBW-40K 40 65×54×135 330 SBW-100K 100 80x60x150 420
DBW-50K 50 80×54×130 360 SBW-150K 150 100x70x170 550
DBW-60K 60 80×54×130 380 SBW-180K 180 100x70x170 570
DBW-70K 70 80×54×130 400 SBW-200K 200 100x70x170 630
DBW-80K 80 80×54×130 430 SBW-225K 225 110x80x180 660
DBW-100K 100 85×62×145 480 SBW-250K 250 110x80x180 700
DBW-120K 120 90×70×170 510 SBW-300K 300 110x80x200 740
DBW-150K 150 90×70×170 530 SBW-320K 320 110x80x200 760
DBW-180K 180 100×80×190 570 SBW-400K 400 100×80×200/2 Case 1100
DBW-200K 200 100×80×190 600 SBW-500K 500 100×80×200/2 Case 1500
        SBW-600K 600 100×80×200/2 Case 2200
        SBW-800K 800 85×120×200/3 Case 2800
        SBW-1000K 1000 85×120×200/3 Case 3500
        SBW-1200K 1200 85×120×200/3 Case 4100
        SBW-1600K 1600 135×130×220/4 Case 5560
        SBW-2000K 2000 135×130×220/4 Case 7100

Structure features

The adoption of the "Mains Direct New Technology" has reduced the number of AC contactors and improved the reliability of the regulator.
Output over-voltage protection and alarm function: In the regulation state, when the input voltage exceeds the upper limit of the regulator input voltage range (three-phase: 456V, single-phase: 264V) and reaches a certain value or the output voltage of the regulator higher than the specified value caused by other causes, the regulator cuts off the output power and alarms. After the input and output voltages fall within the limits, the regulator automatically returns to normal.
Three Phase Power Voltage Stabilizer With self-recovery function: When the power outage of the power grid is restored, the regulator can be automatically restored power supply.
Three Phase Power Voltage Stabilizer With on delay function: In the regulation state, press the start button, the voltage regulator will only have voltage output after self-adjustment to a stable value (a few seconds).

Ordering Information

Selection method:
The regulator capacity can be calculated by the following formula: S=PS'/cosφ. Among them: S-actually requires regulator capacity, P-load power, S'-safety factor, and cos-load power factor.
Power factor:
1. Purely resistance load: The power factor is 1 (such as resistance wire, electric furnace, etc.).
2. Inductive load: The power factor is generally 0.6~0.8 (such as elevators, air conditioners, and motor equipment).
3. Capacitive load: The power factor is generally 0.6~0.8 (such as computer room, radio and television, etc.)
4. Comprehensive load: The power factor is generally 0.6~0.7 (such as factories, hotels and comprehensive load of household appliances).
Safety factor
In inductive capacitive load environment, when selecting the model, the large startup current of the load should also be taken into account, which has an impact on the regulator. So 1.5 to 3 times the safety factor should be taken. The safety factor should be selected according to the load conditions. generally according to the low load equipment, large power, long work or repeated short time work (frequent start), and large values ​​when no additional start-up equipment is used, otherwise, take a small value.
The input and output circuits of this three-phase product are three-phase four-wire system wiring and must be connected to the zero line.
When three-phase power supply is used for single-phase applications or three-phase applications, the maximum output per phase is one-third of the nominal capacity of the entire machine.
If the user has any special requirements, please give additional instructions, TAIXI Electric can design and produce.

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