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Product Overview

JMB lighting transformer (220 to 24 Volt transformer) is suitable for the circuit of AC 50Hz, voltage 1500V and below, as the local lighting power supply for machine tools and other equipment. JMB series transformer (220 to 12 Volt transformer) is made up of BK series transformers(220 to 24 Volt transformer) and protective shell. There are terminals posts for input power and load connection on both sides of the shell, and grounding screws for grounding. The lighting transformer(220 to 24 Volt transformer) is composed of BK-50, BK-100 control transformer, main switch and protective shell, and the fuse is installed on the main switch to protect lighting circuit, the power supply is introduced from the dust-proof film at one end of the main switch, and turn on and off light by the main switch.
220 to 24 Volt transformer Conform to the standard: Q/ZT 258.

Model and meaning

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

The 220 to 24 Volt transformer can work reliably under the following environmental conditions.
The altitude is not more than 2000m.
The upper limit of ambient air temperature is 40°C, and the lower limit is -5°C (when it needs to be used at higher than 40°C or below -5°C, it is necessary to specify the special order when ordering).
When the maximum temperature is 40°C, the relative humidity is not more than 50%, and high relative humidity can be allowed at a lower temperature, such as 90% at 20°C. Special measures should be taken for the occasional condensation due to temperature change.
There is no corrosive metal or harmful gas or dust that destroys insulation in the ambient air. During use, the transformer must not be corroded by water, rain or snow.
The power supply voltage waveform is similar to the sine wave.

Outline and installation dimensions

Model Primary voltage (V) Secondary voltage (V) Dimensions
Bmax Dmax Emax
JMB-25 220/380
Or according to user needs
6/12/24/36/110/ 127/220/380
Or according to user needs
148 165 125
JMB-50 148 165 125
JMB-100 148 165 125
JMB-150 165 175 135
JMB-200 165 175 135
JMB-250 178 210 155
JMB-300 178 210 155
JMB-400 205 245 175
JMB-500 205 245 175
JMB-700 230 295 185
JMB-1000 230 295 185
JMB-1500 325 380 280
JMB-2000 325 380 280
JMB-3000 325 380 310
JMB-5000 365 405 315
JMB-6000 530 470 610
JMB-7000 530 470 610
JMB-8000 530 470 610
JMB-10k 530 470 610
JMB-15k 570 510 710
JMB-20k 570 510 710

Ordering Information

Product Name: Lighting transformer 220 to 24 Volt transformer .
Product model: JMB-1000 220 to 12 Volt transformer.
Output capacity: 1000VA.
Frequency: 50Hz.
Rated input voltage: 380V.
Rated output voltage and output voltage capacity of each group: 110V (800VA) 36V (200VA).
If an isolation shield is needed between the input and output windings, please specify it when ordering.

Keywords:Industrial Control Transformers

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