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Scope of Application

DZ47SD-125 Manual Transfer Switch (interlocking conversion series high breaking miniature circuit breaker). It is a new type product with three function of overload, short circuit protection and power line conversion. It can be used as hand-operated miniature dual-power switch. The circuit breaker on the other side can only be kept off when the side of circuit breaker is closed, to achieve protection functions of switching between normal and standby power line, feel comfortable when operating, power is up-in and down-out, in line with the power line characteristics. There are 100 amp transfer switch, 125 amp and others.
DZ47SD-125 Manual Transfer Switches are compact, have rational and reliable design, beautiful appearance, light weight, fast operation, easy installation, affordable!
DZ47SD-125 Manual Transfer Switches comply with standards of GB10963 and IEC60898.

Models and Specifications

Main technical parameters

■ Name: Miniature circuit breaker dual power supply
■ Rated current: 63A, 80A, 100A, 125A
■ According to the poles: 1P + 1P, 2P +2 P, 3P +3 P, 4P +4 P
■ Rated working voltage: AC 230 / 400V 50Hz
■ Rated insulation voltage: 660V
■ Rated short-circuit breaking capacity: 4000A; cosΦ 0.45 ~ 0.50
■ Indication window
  □ Mechanical contact indication window, effectively breaking instructions
  □ The window is green and the contact is in the open state. The window is red and the contact is in the closed state
■ Tripping characteristics
  □ C-type curve: protection of conventional load and distribution cables, magnetic trip unit set in range of 8.5In±20% to operate
  □ D-type curve: protection of the impact load of large starting current (such as transformers, etc.), magnetic trip unit set in the range of 12In ± 20% to operate
■ Resistance to heat and humidity: Class 2 (temperature of 55℃, relative humidity of 95%)
■ Wiring: Use terminals with clamp, fixed cable cross-sectional area can be less than 50mm².
■ Rail Installation: TH35-7.5 standard steel to install

Over-current trip characteristic table

Ambient air humidity I/In Test Time & Expected Results Init state
In≤63A In>63A
30±5℃ 1.05
Returnable time>3s Returnable time Cold
-5~45℃ 5.0~10.0 (C)
10.0~14.0 (D)
Operate in ≤0.1s
Operate in ≤0.1s

Power frequency withstand voltage: after heat and moisture resistance, circuit breaker should withstand 2500V power frequency withstand voltage test for 1 minutes without flashover and breakdown.
Mechanical electrical life: mechanical electrical life of circuit breaker is 4000 times, the electrical life of which is 1500 times.

Applicable Occasion

DZ47SD-63 interlocked transfer circuit breaker is suitable for special places with two main lines of industrial, shopping malls, shops, hospitals, mines, schools, government agencies, etc. , often used with voltage regulators and other appliances.

C-type tripping characteristic curve

Outline and installation dimensions

Keywords: 100 amp transfer switch

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