TAIXI Electric recommends a new type of automatic reclosing circuit breaker

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According to statistics, 80% of the low-voltage circuit breaker tripping, are caused by the cause of chance, and by the permanent failure caused by low-voltage circuit breaker tripping ratio of not more than 10%. In particular, the residual current circuit breaker, resulting in its malfunction for many reasons, such as lightning in the line caused by surge voltage, electronic equipment in the line caused by high harmonics, long wire to the ground capacitor current (leakage current) and so on.
Based on the above reasons to reduce maintenance costs and improve the quality of continuous power supply, automatic reclosing device appears to be inevitable; but the current domestic small automatic reclosing products are using electromagnetic relays or contactors to achieve the current connected and broken; The contact capacity of the relay or contactor is low and the safety is poor. When the abnormal breaking occurs, the contact welding phenomenon occurs, which threatens the safety of the whole power supply system. Even if the miniature circuit breaker is installed at the front or rear of the automatic reclosing device (MCB) protection, when the micro-circuit breaker (MCB) after the automatic reclosing device can not be achieved for the system automatically power supply function, can not meet the power system continuous power supply requirements. The TXB8F-80 automatic reclosing miniature circuit breaker manufactured by Tessi Electric is a re-closing device that turns on and disconnects the current by a micro-circuit breaker through a protector drive motor.
The circuit breaker is controlled by the MCB on and off to achieve the opening and breaking current of the automatic reclosing device can solve the thunderstorm weather, power grid instability and other transient failure caused by switching equipment after the power failure can not automatically restore power supply problem, Equipment to provide a stable and reliable power to extend the life of electrical equipment, improve network service quality, reduce network construction investment and reduce maintenance costs. The continuity of the power supply, security is of great significance.
TXB8F-80 automatic reclosing small circuit breaker The main function is in the automatic state when the circuit breaker leakage exceeds the set value when the trip, after the trip to the load side of the ground resistance detection, when meet the requirements So that the circuit breaker coincides. After the system is powered on, the software enters the main program, first completes the AD conversion initialization, the timer interrupt is initialized, and then the 40-point sampling value is read at the medium interval, and the corresponding sampling value is calculated in the main program and it is judged whether the leakage exceeds the setting value. If the leakage value exceeds the set threshold, to determine whether the circuit breaker in the closing state, if the closing position of the triper action to open the circuit breaker. If the leakage is normal, to determine whether the circuit breaker in the sub-gate state, if the opening position of the load side and the ground between the resistance measurement. When the grounding resistance is greater than the set value when the delay time for a certain time. The flow chart is shown in the figure.

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