L7 miniature circuit breaker performance and use environment

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The instrument in industrial and commercial and residential places will use a lot of people do not understand, such as the L7 circuit breakers. The miniature circuit breakers are important to ensure that under normal circumstances, let the line conversion in frequent operation, can be used in many places. But you should know think, need to understand its use environment using the L7 miniature circuit breaker, do not blindly use.

In general, the ambient temperature display L7 miniature circuit breakers (10ka circuit breaker)can not exceed 40 degrees Celsius, while the lowest temperature is not below five degrees Celsius. The average temperature within twenty-four hours should not exceed thirty-five degrees Celsius above. If you want to install in the high altitude, remember not more than 2000 meters. After the temperature environment said L7 circuit breaker besides, said its humidity. The air humidity of not more than fifty percent, if its working environment temperature is very low, so the relative humidity can be improved, but also can not be more than ninety percent. As a result of changes in temperature, produced some gel, should also take corresponding measures, so as to protect the machine.

When we understand the L7 miniature circuit breakers need to work under what conditions, the next step will be to understand its structure characteristics, is the so-called enemy to awareness. It is understood that the rated short segment ability is very good, the rated current part can be above 6KA, this standard is still very good. It has dual connection function, can be very convenient bus standard and soft wire connection, because the L7 10ka circuit breaker with a combination of protection, so in the process of using safety performance is very high.

L7 10ka circuit breaker with energy storage operation, make contacts quickly closed, thus overcoming some difficulties. Before is a manual operation, slow speed is labor intensive. But then there L7 miniature circuit breaker, save a lot of manpower, but also improve the service life of the products. In addition, it is also there are many accessories, modular, flexible combination and so on. These are also the role of attachment, but also provide a lot of convenience for customers. Even if it does not need a professional installation, you can also install, very convenient. In addition, we also need to understand that the shell L7 miniature circuit breaker and function a part of components are imported from abroad, with high flame retardancy and high temperature resistant performance, effect is very powerful.

It can be said that the L7 mini circuit breaker price is very high, now on the market there have been many styles of instruments. We can according to their actual needs to choose, some L7 miniature circuit breaker volume slightly larger.