How to choose the residual current circuit breakers correctly?

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Indirect shock in different places can cause varying degrees of injury to people, so different residual current circuit breakers should be installed in different places. Here to introduce how to select residual current circuit breaker.

For the place where the electric shock is more dangerous, the residual current breaker with higher sensitivity is required. In a humid place, the risk of electric shock is much greater than that in a dry place. Generally, an electric current breaker with operation current of 15-30mA and operation time of 0.1s is required. For the electrical equipment in water, an electric current breaker with operation current of 6-10mA and operation time of US shall be installed. For operators who must stand on metal objects or electrical equipment in metal containers, as long as the voltage is higher than 24V, it should be installed operation current is less than 15mA, the operation time is within US of the residual current circuit breaker.