Question: How to classify self-repair over-voltage protection?
Answer: The range of self-repairing over-voltage and under-voltage protectors used in the electrical industry is still very wide. It can effectively avoid abnormal voltage on the line and damage the electrical equipment, providing an effective guarantee for safe production. And compared with the traditional circuit protector, its biggest advantage is that it can automatically cut off and restore the circuit under unattended operation, reducing the probability of accidents to a great extent. So, if you want to classify the self-repair over-voltage protection, which aspects can be classified?
The first is the classification of the control circuit. Like all electrical devices, self-resetting overvoltage and undervoltage protectors can be categorized by way of control circuits because there are two types of circuits that are commonly exposed today: one is single-phase power, and the other is three-phase four-wire circuit. . So since the type of circuit used is different, there are some differences in the self-resetting over-voltage protection. The self-reset over/under voltage protector used in a single-phase circuit is called a single-phase self-resetting over/under voltage protector; and the self-reset over/under voltage protector used in a three-phase four-wire circuit is Called three-phase four-wire self-repair over-voltage protection.
The second is the insertion method classification
The insertion method can be divided into multiple types according to actual circuit requirements, and its upper and lower ends can be inserted. However, as long as one end is input, the other end must be an output. From this point, it can be divided into two types: one is to output the lower end from the upper end, and the other is to output the upper end from the lower end.
The third is the width to classify
The width can be divided into multiple types. The width of the self-repair over/under voltage protector used in the single-phase line is mainly 36mm and 45mm, while the method used in the three-phase circuit adopts the preferred 135mm, 108mm and 90mm.
The following specific to everyone to talk about, self-repair over-voltage protection product classification:
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