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    Circuit Breaker Handle, 400A-800A Molded Case Circuit Breaker Handle, made of PC plastic die-cast, the product is sturdy, Circuit Breaker Handle is a kind of accessories, which is labor-saving when in the process of opening and closing. The handle has lightweight structure, easy to use!
    Circuit Breaker Handle is used for high current molded case circuit breaker, high current molded case circuit breaker needs great effort to pull in the process of opening and closing. Many installers are so tired, because they should debug many switches like these every day Down tired. This Molded Case Circuit Breaker extended handle is easy to use, you can flip the switch after it is set in the handle of the switch directly, it saves a lot of effort when flipping the switch, you will not feel difficult even large workload. When not in use, you take the extended handle down.

    Circuit Breaker Handle, High Current Molded Case Circuit Breaker Handle, extended bakelite handle, suitable for 250A Molded Case Circuit Breakers can be matched, such as:
    CM1, NM1, CDM1-400 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    CM1, NM1, CDM1-630 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    CM1, NM1, CDM1-1250 Molded Case Circuit Breakers,
    CM1, NM1, CDM1-1600 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    DZ20-400 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    DZ20-630 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    DZ20-1250 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    DZ20-1600 Molded Case Circuit Breaker,
    And all matched Molded Case circuit breaker.
    Circuit Breaker Handle, black extended handle of high current Molded Case Circuit Breaker of 800 and more, use bakelite material for die-casting, more solid and reliable!
    If the majority of customer demand that the Molded Case Circuit Breaker Handle, you can contact us, Tel: 0577-62711310

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