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    Prepaid meters as intelligent terminal of intelligent grid, is gradually into our lives. The existing meter dedicated circuit breakers, can only achieve automatic power-off after arrears, need manual transmission after payment, for this, the power grid company has invested a huge manpower cost for maintenance work, but still can not solve the problems of timeliness of charging, greatly reducing the customer's electricity experience.
    TXB7S5-63 Miniature Circuit Breaker, is a new meter dedicated MCB switch with automatic recovery circuit researched and developed independently by TAIXI, not only achieve automatic power-off after arrears, automatic power-on after payment, but also to achieve the effective protection of the line and terminal equipment, meanwhile feedback the state signal of closing and opening.
    TXB7S5-63 automatic Circuit Breaker (MCB switch) meets standards of SGCC "Technical specification of watt-hour meter with external load switch" and IEC60898, GB10963, GB14048.2, reaches the international advanced technology level.

    Model and meaning

    Product features of TXB7S5-63 automatic Circuit Breaker (MCB switch)

    »Compact size: single phase 1P+N (2P), width 72mm; three-phase four-wire 3P+N (4P), width 108mm
    »Quick action: matching miniature circuit breakers, quick action, response time <0.1s
    »Good synchronization: the integrated design of mechanism and circuit breaker, through opening-closing of the built-in relay device to make and break circuit
    »Powerful function: with functions of automatic switch, tripping self-keeping after arrears
    »Stable and reliable: mechanical life up to 10,000 times
    »Ultra-low power consumption: operating mechanism power consumption ≤ 0.05W
    »Case material: all use flame-retardant case material, the internal use copper fittings
    »Adaptable: suitable for environment of -25℃~70℃
    »Optional functions: leakage protection

    Main technical parameters of TXB7S5-63 automatic Circuit Breaker (MCB switch)

    Function description 1P+N(2P) 3P+N(4P)
    Automatic opening-closing
    Tripping keeping after arrears
    Level control, level feedback
    On/Off State indication
    Automatic switchover
    Frame rated current (A) 63A
    Rated current 6A,10A,16A,20A,25A,32A,40A,50A,63A
    Rated operating voltage (Un) AC230V AC400V
    Control loop power supply voltage AC230 AC230V
    Overload protection tripping characteristic C-type(5In<I≤10 In)
    Rated short circuit breaking capacity 6KA
    Automaticity recovery time ≤3s
    stand-by power consumption Current of control line<1mA, Leakage current of phase line<0.2mA
    Power on delay time td≥4s (Power on to arrears signal confirmed)
    Dielectric strength 2500VAC, 1 minute
    Withstand voltage level (Uimp) 6KV
    Mechanical (Electrical) life 10000次(6000 times)
    Action time Opening≤0.3s, closing≤0.5s (no delay)
    Ambient temperature -25℃~+70℃
    Protection level Ip20
    Optional length of control line 30CM/50CM/80CM/100CM
    Width 72mm 108mm

    Outline and installation dimensions

    Keywords: automatic Circuit Breaker ,MCB switch

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