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Around a goal

Around "a world famous brand, industrial circle dream",
CHINT will strive to become the world's leading intelligent energy system solutions provider

Domestic market strategy

Western Electric to energy Internet construction as an opportunity to focus on smart grid technology, power electronics technology, focusing on the development of efficient, reliable, intelligent electrical products and complete sets of equipment, development of transmission system with electrical storage covering the whole industry chain solutions provide the ability to energy Internet construction as an opportunity for photovoltaic power plants, smart micro grid and distributed power generation, combined with the application of energy storage system, ability to provide solutions for the development of clean energy and energy saving and environmental protection system

To build intelligent product VS industry 4.0

With advanced robotics, advanced materials, measurement and control technology and equipment, high energy equipment as the key to the formation of high-end manufacturing, the supplement and improvement of energy and industrial equipment industry chain layout, solutions for the development of equipment manufacturing integration ability

Domestic market strategy

Experience to build the line terminal, to form a synergistic effect and the logistics system; the establishment of large data analysis system, open up the supply chain information of each key link; create a set of experience, sales, service, integrated service platform of three-dimensional distribution