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Responsibility and authority

1、Manager responsibility
1)Implement the national policies, regulations and regulations, give full play to the functions of various departments, do a good job in enterprise management, improve enterprise management, responsible for the quality of the company's work.
2) led the preparation of their long-term planning and production, sales, technology, quality plan, mobilize all employees of the company to carry out labor competition, improve product quality and labor productivity, reduce consumption, increase profits, complete the tasks of.
3) the establishment of strict, coordinated, comprehensive and effective quality management system, regularly held a staff meeting, comprehensive quality management organization planning, strengthen the acquisition of products from raw materials to the whole process of quality management.
4) organize the preparation work plan and summary regularly to the whole company work are summarized and the arrangement of.
5) to strengthen technical staff, business culture, management and training, improve the technical level and management level, to carry out various sports activities, organize employee collective welfare matters, arrange workers living.
6) according to the state and the company by the staff responsible for the system of rewards and punishment, reward and punishment of all employees of the company.
7) improve the ideological and political work of workers, the construction of spiritual civilization in the whole company, and actively organize workers to carry out political study.
8) do a good job in the company's production safety and labor protection, continuous improvement of labor conditions, pay attention to product quality and safety and health of workers.

2、Responsibilities of production department
1) under the leadership of the manager, adhere to the principle of quality first, to correctly handle the relationship between quantity and quality, carry out the "quality trustworthy" activities. 2) to organize the workshop of self inspection and mutual inspection work, support the work of the inspection team, strict quality control:.
3) inspection workshop production work.
4) the implementation of inspection workshop quality management and standards, timely correct the discrepancies and the quality requirements of the operation behavior of.
5) regularly organize workshop production, quality assessment system, timely appraisal, commend advanced, promote backward.

3、QC section chief duties
1) under the leadership of the manager, earnestly implement the relevant work of the quality policy, the government and the higher the relevant instructions, set an example, adhere to the quality first, the leadership of all staff of the company to improve product quality, improve the economic benefits of.
2) responsible for the establishment of quality management system, implement and maintain.
3) take the lead in learning knowledge of quality management, the manager under the leadership of the organization and leadership of comprehensive quality management work of the whole company, ensure the quality of products.
4) formulate the whole company product quality planning, clear objectives, implementation of the organization, the responsibility to the people, to ensure the realization of the quality management work to improve the stability of.
5) the company quality inspection activities, regularly hosted the quality analysis meeting, quality analysis, and solve major quality problems, deal with major quality accidents and liability and responsibility:.
6) to do the quality inspection work, to develop new projects in product standards, review.
7) responsible for the analysis, the quality of the original data records, and daily, week, month, season, year writing quality dynamic reports on production, sales, quality problems found, should report to the manager.
8 independent quality inspection authority, without any interference.

4、Office duties
1) responsible for staff training and assessment, training plan.
2) for every year of medical staff.
3) responsible for the custody of classified files, good technical documents management, to ensure the effective use of readily available version of Department of technical documents, improve technical services for.
4) do all kinds of meetings, especially the quality analysis meeting record.
5) research, publish all kinds of information and coordinate the relationship among departments.

5、Sales staff responsibility
1) set up "the customer is our God", users want to.
2) to carry out the service with a smile, to make the customer happy, happy to go to the.
3) salesman must treat each customer seriously, if the customer has dissatisfaction, should make a good record, report to the chief of supply and marketing, timely feedback to the customer after processing.

6、Measures for the examination of quality management
1) the examination time once a month, according to the requirements by the manager, can always check for any department or individual.
2) the assessment by the office manager presided over the work with.
3) can be responsible for the assessment after the correction and prevention, tracking and verification, the relevant departments responsible for the implementation of the proposed assessment after the relevant corrective and preventive measures.
4) the main content of assessment.