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1.Scientific Concept

Shanghai Taixi Electric Co. Ltd. Scientific Outlook on Development overall, and constantly learn from the domestic and foreign advanced management methods, continuous innovation management mechanism, formed a unique management model. In the years of practice, we have summarized the 8 elements of the management system (personnel, project, production, quality, technology, marketing, Logistics, brand) and 6 brand strategy management mode (production, promotion, sales, service, talent, integrity). In recent years, and launched the independent innovation and characteristic in contract management as the core of the excellent performance management model:.

Our company based on sustainable development, focus on three major innovations;
One is the independent innovation, the internal environment of talents, system, technology, management, culture;
Two is the innovation of the external environment, including the government's environment, economic environment, industry environment;
Three is the innovation resources integration, the integration of global brand, market, technology, information resources, combination, bigger and stronger.

Development is a qualitative change, development is over! The concept of change management, a strong impetus to the West Electrical breakthrough business growth of the conventional leap forward.

Theory comes from practice, and practice, "TAIXI" classic management experience set up a bridge between enterprises and society.

2.Technology R & D

Shanghai Taixi Electric Co. since the pioneering company always adhere to the "development strategy of powerful enterprises" technology, continuous training to adapt to advanced science technology and management talent to global competition and enterprise development, and constantly improve the technological innovation ability of enterprises, promote enterprise technological progress, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into productivity. The enterprise realized by the labor. Change in type to technology intensive products; from traditional mechanical to the intelligent and modular development of.

"TAIXI" annual investment of 5% of sales as a technology innovation fund, established the enterprise governance technology R & D center, modern precision mold processing center and low-voltage electrical products R & D center. The company established "Shanghai Taixi Electric Co. Ltd. of science and technology progress award Ordinance", "R & D regulations and incentive mechanism", to stimulate technological innovation and enthusiasm of researchers.